tomorrow I will continue to kill the

August 26 [Mon], 2013, 14:38
Ground full of weapon, if the knees go past it, life can not keep, but the legs must be to destroy, how likely is not a reinforced steel frame kneeling across from where it came. "Li Hu, I jǐng sue you lay a finger on her little, I'll let you all funerary brother, I do not brag." Cheng Jing immediately glanced across those Li Hu's younger brother, went on to say: "I know that each of you look like today, tomorrow I will continue to kill the endless killing, you went to the ends of the earth I can find out, someday I'll kill you! "Cheng Jing those words came out so that the opposite of people feel a hint of pressure, Cheng Jing in the end they do not know how much energy, thought that this process has already been started is a family Dear young master, if you really family of children, then kill them all these guys are not clamor play it. Montebello Parka CG55 Canada Goose Shun Qi and cold-blooded, after hearing this can not help but suck down a cold lump, even though they knew Cheng Jing is not an ordinary high school students, but under such a boast sea or let them difficult to understand, but look at his appearance seems to be serious. Anyway, they will choose to believe Cheng Jing. "Ha ha ha, brats, it seems that yes, ah, the mother and child is very important to you, but let you rescued one, but now there is this old woman had enough, today I was just being a threat to you, you how can you like? "Hu Li Jing Cheng saw so angry, he was very happy, because it goes to show his hand, Aunt Wang helpful. If Cheng Jing allow people to talk directly up Sike Li Hu really easy to get to now, he still not want people across the produce formal conflict. "Yes, threaten me, you always like bullying, with the weaknesses of others to threaten each other, are not you? Or do you like that swagger?" Cheng Jing has been unable to suppress the hearts of anger, but to Aunt Wang's safety, he was in the suppression of forward. Cheng Jing saw a phone, and then whispered a few words on the Chenda Kui, Chen Taikui after they took a few people left Swan Lake here, go quietly, no one noticed. "Cheng King! I know who you are, you are also just recently I played on the ground, your home is what I bring people to be demolished, how? Are you satisfied with it? I just did not expect you so soon This cold-blooded dead sparrow on the waterfront, you'd fared quite how fast. "Having these, Li Hu did not say enough, they shouted:" Damn, you send someone to rob my goods, let me Nguyen Hung Dear John getting money off me, let me in the South Strip disgrace face, and today they hit me wherever he goes, fifty killed my brother, how can so easily Qingrao you! "" Yes, this is we do , and how the? "Cheng Jing from the ground to pick up a machete pointing Hu Li:" You and your brother called me from my house stand out when I have not thought about Qingrao? you put me on the hit the ground when there is no thought Qingrao me? you twenty thousand dollars from my only block where they siphoned off thousands of you have not thought Qingrao me? you put me and my parents for many years belongings buried into ruins when I have not thought about Qingrao! "" I'm doing this thing for you is this scum was done, there was simply nothing, because I have not let you ruin and death! "Cheng Dear mind those thoughts which are recalled, and that the sun was setting one afternoon, a group of skinhead punks, let yourself homeless. Li Hu did not know was said did not care, or some angry, his face an expression will be an already guilt or remorse can not be considered. "Huge ...... Huge! Do not talk to him nonsense, we have got the hostages, not let him overawed!" Feng Li Hu went to war this time beside said. FENG Zhan seems to be reminded, Li Hu heavy gas, said: "I do not tell you crap, two million plus Nguyen Hung, come for this old lady! Otherwise I let her die in front of you." Aunt Wang Li Hu will head on the hoods off, pulling out the mouth of the towel, Aunt Wang saw he could speak, quickly shouted: "a small way! Qiongqiong Where?" "Do not worry Aunt Wang, Qiongqiong had gone to the hospital, and I You save now, I believe I will save you out! "Cheng Jing tried to comfort Aunt Wang two, but now that I think seems to say nothing good. Li Hu want is this effect, he called and said: "brats, I did not hear you speak is not it! Two million used, there must also come Nguyen Hung!" "Little way, leave me alone! Go! You promise me to take care of Qiongqiong! If I killed, then later for my revenge! "Aunt Wang is simply in vocalization, in her eyes, but the most important is his daughter, thought of her daughter Manitoba Jacket has been right, she is not so care about whether they have the danger. Aunt Wang every word every word stung Cheng King's heart, her own family and friends to be good, so take care of yourself during this time, even as a mother to honor too. "After the stay in this bar, live a few years does not matter ...... it is money, the rent can work owes ...... wait for you later still." "Come back so late hungry now ...... I'll get you hot rice ...... do not always go to Internet cafes to play, the kind of place is not good ...... "That amiable aunt voice and facial expression are away shaking King's mind, but now she suffered in front of their own kidnapping, but maybe what when there will be danger. Cold-blooded and his brother were all frown looked here, they would want to be on, but for Li Hu hands of a hostage confused because they can not act rashly, and now here are bloody long. At this point, Chen Taikui came back, he brought Cheng King wanted, is also a hostage. Plums and betrayal strong column together again today, Cheng Jing super ** monitored by them, so let Chen Taikui an extremely fast tying them, the plum is the main goal, strong column is the foil. "You ......" Li Hu saw each other even learn yourself, did you get your own lover. "I'm too lazy to negotiate with you, and look at who we ruthless!" Cheng King grabbed plum hair, and from there took a singular along said needle cannula. "This is a serum HIV virus, HIV know? Is commonly known as AIDS, which is a good thing relics from the farm-kun found, and I have not played before, and today took you to try it Ma, I listen people say that the chance of infection is not large, we will see if you can be infected and oh yes, I remember she also broke your only child is not it, just let the little guy can taste fresh. "Cheng Jing said they The needle that stretched out toward the shoulder plum. "Stop!" Hu Li shouted: "You do him! Do you want to do him!" Li Hu Kun has a box that farmers, usually put in that box are some rare stuff, except for some neurotoxins outside Lee Hu Kun said farmers have to listen to this virus, but Manitoba Jacket Men UK had never seriously. Li Hu did not mind at this time is very emboldened, "I ...... we talk about it, how you want to do ...... you want me to do ......" "What?" Cheng Jing sneer, pointing to the ground that a lot of Broken glass: "kneeling came!"
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