September 14 [Sat], 2013, 10:51

Blue and white mixed, love, elegant in a somewhat playful, delicate and lacking in kind. Is that clouds in the blue sky far across THD broad feeling, have more than once to want to touch it gently. Might as well as chiffon, sativa can melt in the bottom, wash the dust in the air. Stale smell of ginger with a little bit of dirt, initial germination exudes life, slightly aromatic need to appreciate it air jordan 4 nz wholeheartedly. Dark blue doll collar, does not look dull or serious, another kind of beauty is found in the old forces. Large and small flowers, with lace rendering nature more gorgeous. Lapel is OL who loves elegant skill, can be wrapped inside, not away from prying eyes. But I could not help but elegant lace flower on the dot, breaking the solemn face. Stitching lace sleeves, full of charm, this couldn't help but look at a few different sleeve look.

Everybody loves lace, flower bloom, woman, Lacy's affection is not sight, scream, but flashed a nice lace always makes them, until you finally get it. Dress is also the most popular styles for women in spring and summer, perfect combination of lace dress, evolved into one of the most feminine lace air jordan 3 nz dress and show your absolutely charming. No lace, no woman. Black Lace with enigmatic charm, net cutout sleeves to show female tenderness, Lotus Leaf hem band exudes a faint scent of a woman, trim and elegant workmanship, creating perfect slim type, elongate body high waist design, making the figure look tall, charming. Red lace has a surprise of fire and passion, deep integration with black, combination of black and red atmosphere is dignified, charming appearance into the noble temperament.

Water soluble lace nobility is reflected in Visual effects and production process, the elegance and sophistication, is this season's mainstream women's clothing fabric, chiffon spring summer heat as much as hot. Bump ups and downs of three-dimensional texture is a water-soluble synthetic lace-lace differences the most intuitive features, more retro atmosphere. Stitching lace and tulle, luxurious reveals a romantic during such three-dimensional entanglement of lace textures such as delicate little woman, engraved forever. Stitch features vivid floral, came into a beautiful wreath embellished skirt.-Green, clear light is soft, thick and is deep. But no matter what kind, has distinct and vivid life, as long as there is room to spread persistently. Semi-permeable hook spent so hot, Green looks more colorful atmosphere. The most likable, along a small v-neck stretch of sharp little faces.

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