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January 18 [Fri], 2013, 16:07
The 220th chapter yacht driving about less than two minutes, the m é n struck office.After the 3 * 35686688 fee ting in the Qin Xiaoyao report, a few people brought in, very is envy at Qin Xiaoyao's t ng pulled its plump figure, and that even she can not help but be attracted to the fiery red ch ú n, look in the eyes of some strange.Xu Linyuan saw Qin Xiaoyao after some accident, today, Qin Xiaoyao is not out of the ordinary.She is a set of OL occupation work clothes today, wearing a short skirt, more can stand her slender m í man Men's Air Max Classic, wearing the occupation, more let him apart from the mature y ò Uhu ò charm, more add a elegant m í temperament.Her first today is coiled up disc in the back, is a mature beauty Jiao y à n small dress, with the glasses, displayed by the Y à n Li, and the past is different, suddenly let Xu boss eyes.But to follow Qin Xiaoyao, behind her and a man NV, man about forty years old, see face sedate and mature, wearing glasses, very wise.And the NV, with Qin Xiaoyao is the occupation which should be installed, figure is good, but look at the appearance of words, wheat skin s è, forehead is a conspicuous scar, she also not hair occlusion, but the damage she had beautiful beautiful appearance, but there is a reserved field x ì ng and the evil spirits, to see people's eyes are sharp, the sense that gives a person is a very strong nv.Xu Linyuan is the first time to see such a sacred NV people, can not help but many conjectured several eyes, but it is other's sharp eyes look a bit less natural Lacoste Mens Polo Shirts Outlet.After Qin Xiaoyao several people come in, Xu Linyuan see Qin Xiaoyao's face was a businesslike way, she smiled and greeted, several people sit, let fee was a cup of tea to several people, before saying "demon, I this to come today, what happened?"Qin Xiaoyao turned around, looked at the hook people eyes Xu boss several eyes, lips flashed, this just "I introduce you to the imperial edict, the two is the main person in charge, Kowloon Industrial's Kowloon Tonghai shipping group company president Gao Linke, and Kowloon ship board administrative director Lin Mei miss......""Chairman Xu, I've heard so much about you" high forestry smiled and shook hands with Xu Linyuan, when Xu Linyuan and the forest of Mei when shaking hands, the NV people to look sharp eyed him several eyes, big wrist force.Although the etiquette grip, Xu Linyuan felt a NV test, but also did not fall ahull, recently he gene by Qing Yuan, scheduling optimization, the strength is not small, so the two sides ended in a draw, the NV people's eyes suddenly flashed a appreciation of s è.Qin Xiaoyao glasses eyes also noted that Lin Mei temptation, she saw the man did not fall ahull, mouth slightly tilted a beautiful arc, that "the engine of your links we have heard, I brought them here today, mainly want to talk to Xu Dong marine engine cooperation......""Oh, marine engines, the diesel engine project we are currently in the process of R & D design already came out, but have not yet been finalized, I do not know Miss Lin and high president is going to develop in what areas?"High forestry "our business have advantages in large passenger liner, cargo vessel, but the main product is the yacht, in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe and Latin America market is very good, only in high-end products Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Sale, we has been plagued by the dynamic factors of engine, the marine engine power mostly with all diesel engine, and the bulky, cumbersome, the appearance is also a discount, but also in the power is insufficient.But after we saw yesterday your business link for engine, the small size and appearance, strong power can provide that good, so today will take the liberty to come to, want to cooperate with your company, and help us to design a suitable for small and medium-sized luxury yacht power link engine......"
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