Flowers and joyful woman

September 24 [Tue], 2013, 15:13
"How let you met I, in I most beautiful of moments, for this, I has in Buddha Qian begged has 500 years, begged Buddha let we knot a Chenyuan, Buddha in is put I of do a tree tree, long in you will by of road next, Sun Xia carefully to opened full has spent, flower flower are is I past of hope..." Strokes of the poet's most soulful shakes, painter's most vivid gorgeous pen and ink, and more nike air max 90 cheap romantic than the poet's soulful inspiration for fashion designers, more exquisite than the artist's original, as if they were flowers rain, Sunshine Coast, or just read the old articles of feather at dusk in the morning mist, every touch is as poetic and picturesque, like a dream or hallucination. "Facing the sea, with spring blossoms. "Gentle pleated long dresses, elegant boats in the sea never stops turned into torrents, beauty is the ultimate, powerful and atmospheric, sea and sky beauty, like Asahi can be heard.

Peach didn't seem so vibrant, color is desolate, flutter, originally looked withered bent out of shape over the cloud. Some say, "room April flowers" but spring would not be content to such a collapse, is still vibrant, late spring flowers take over from the first breath of spring, going in full swing. PEAR falls, gardenia has been playing well, and waiting for an early morning surprise you. White NET green pods also have faded, but aroma has nostrils, maybe next you can slowly open, on a mild April bloom white and plain life. Pure rain is the elegance of silk yarn piled up, slowly nike air max 95 uk releasing. Indiscriminate opening of rape in the fields, the shot show. It has always been simple, less than proud of roses, peonies, but longing for life never less. Large tracts of open, swaying in the wind, even the color of the leaves to the Sun moving, hiding his own shadow, and let it show.

A few days ago were able to witness a wedding, the bride and groom walk, looked at each other and stare, in the Lord Jesus and our Congregation and our visitors under the watchful eye of trust in each other, and has since become part of each other. Brothers of the Choir sang songs for them. Our hands, bow their heads and pray and listen. "You make my heart imprint......" this time don't forget, deeply moved to tears. We girls are born there are those lonely State of mind, although usually face bright, laughing and innocent, seems to hide loneliness, melancholy, but the disguise will come, those deep sea fiber sensing emotions, when more care the more obvious. You enter my world, bright like a sail, as beautiful as a butterfly.

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