Xu Lifeng told Zhao Jinhai to

November 05 [Tue], 2013, 11:43
"Director Zhao, did not think of this case we Yang Ling county has also alerted you the City Public Security Bureau, is really shame ah." Lu Fanxin saw Zhao Jinhai, he smiled and went up, and he firmly shook hands. For Zhao Jinhai, Lu Fanxin has not had many dealings, but he knew Zhao Jinhai than Xu Lifeng much more difficult to deal with. First of all, Zhao Jinhai body with obvious Zhu Daidong brand, offend Zhao Jinhai does not matter, but if against Zhu Daidong, the consequences may be more serious. In addition, Zhao Jinhai itself is in the grass grows up cadres, have been working in Yuhua County Public Security Bureau, the county is very familiar with, want to let him in order to gloss it over, is simply not possible. "Yang Ling County Public Security Bureau for almost a month, even the two escaped criminals are not back, I this and when the director's face. It is this thing lets Lu secretary personally, lets me be very affected. Yang Ling County Public Security Bureau seems to really have a well-deserved reputation, later to the city report on the work, must make this point." Zhao Jinhai said with a smile. "Mayor Xu, you personally to check the work." Zhao Jinhai saw Xu Lifeng, hurriedly walked over, saluted, said respectfully. "Comrade Jin Hai, work hard." Xu Lifeng told Zhao Jinhai to Yang Ling county is very grateful, though he is in charge of the legal work of Public Security Bureau, but actually is mainly responsible for politics and Law Committee, and city hall here, Zhao Jinhai can only listen to Zhu Daidong, if not because of his relationship with Zhu Daidong, I'm afraid Zhao Jinhai will not be so polite to her. "Do not talk to go up hard. This is my job." Zhao Jinhai said. He was particularly in front of Xu Lifeng was so respectful, mainly to do to Lu Fanxin. Last night Hu Qiuhe, Li Da et al. Pass the trial, the case he has been basically clear. The reason why Xu Lifeng in Yang Ling county is often blocked, mainly because Lu Fanxin instigation. When Lu Fanxin Xu Lifeng and Zhao CANADA GOOSE LADIES CAMP HOODED Jinhai face, even if he is not willing to, nor is there any way, just watched Zhao Jinhai take people away. Before he went to the Public Security Bureau, listen to Luo Yuzhang speak just know, last night Hu Qiuhe had seized the City Public Security Bureau, and held in the city house of detention. It makes him suffer in silence. A bitter could not say. If he would stop now, do not say first can stop, even if he really stop, there are practical significance? Now he needs to do. Is to let Hu Qiuhe et al. How to manage their mouth, but he must get out of this thing to pick out. "Luo director, the Jiehui you can have a good, Canada Goose PBI Chilliwack Bomber Parka if not him, where so many business." Lu Fanxin looked at Xu Lifeng and Zhao Jinhai's car away, said coldly. If not the Jiehui talkative, how can Xu Lifeng know Yang Ling County of detainees have escape case? If you don't know this matter, and how Zhao Jinhai would come to Yang Ling county? Now Yang Ling county was taken a dozen people, after all, is because of Wen Jiehui's foul mouth. "Please rest assured that Lu secretary. I have arranged, the Jiehui cannot leave Tang Yin Xiang step, as long as he is out of the police station door, someone will North Face Sale follow." Luo Yuzhang said, his paper.
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