Zhengcai cannot control your mind

November 05 [Tue], 2013, 12:40
Although Xu Zhengcai has received clear instructions Gong asked, let him directly to the industrial park to mushrooms. But Xu Zhengcai the spirit of a people do not blame the officiating rules, just to the industrial zone there issued a notice, let them prepare in advance, himself ran Long Gang Xiang boundary to meet Zhu Daidong in a row. In this matter, Xu Zhengcai also made a small lie, did not inform the steward Liang Dahong. After the palace asked Xu Zhengcai received the call, but frowned, the Xu Zhengcai really act or talk Canada Goose Tremblant Pullover Jacket like a fool, you not have clearly told him, go directly to the industrial park with mushrooms? To do this superfluous. Zhu Daidong this morning would not let the county to border meet, have distinctive shows that the attitude, can Xu Zhengcai but turn a deaf ear to, also think that a set of, will it work? The 1634th chapter "Xu Zhengcai cannot control your mind, is it right? Water? The party secretary is a man of principle, hate to welcome visitors and see them off it, go back immediately "Gong asked said angrily, not every leader is like being bootlick, Zhu Daidong especially from Sichuan wood to coke then, is not high, and even can not be called flat, with Zhu Dai Dong is so young, he must want to focus quickly dry out performance, show people up and down to see. "Good, good, I'll be right back." Xu Zhengcai busy incessantly said, in fact he can already see the palace asked car, but since the palace asked burst into anger, he dare not disobey, quickly got into the car, also fled like mushrooms into industrial park. Xu Zhengcai do not want to let Zhu Daidong see their car, this just hurried to catch mushrooms industrial park. The fact that Zhu Daidong did not see his car, but he heard his voice. He was originally from the file to understand Xu Zhengcai, there is no particular impression, but now, Xu Zhengcai let him "impressive". Xu Zhengcai doesn't know, his voice had left a lasting memory in Zhu Daidong's mind, he mushrooms Industrial Park arrived, see Liang Dahong has been in the industrial park outside. He got out of the car, paused the body of 1634th chapters can not control the shape. This only to Liang Dahong walked slowly. "The party secretary and the Secretary immediately to the palace." Xu Zhengcai went to the middle position, lightly say. "Well, the party secretary in addition to mushrooms Industrial Park, but also look at other places?" Liang Dahong asked. He got Zhu Daidong to Long Gang Xiang news later than Xu Zhengcai, but Canada Goose Trillium CG55 USA he then gave the caller know, that this is Zhu Daidong's sudden decision, this let him J ī ng God was, perhaps this is the Long Gang Xiang an opportunity. "Palace secretary said, can let the secretary Zhu see a few more projects, we will see skill. Yes. Zhu at the Secretary will eat here, simple, J ī ng induced, not wine, give you to arrange." Xu Zhengcai said. "Good." Liang Dahong said, he wanted to say, but he has seen the House asked car, got in a Zhengcai side. Ready for. Greet superiors inspection, every year Liang Dahong must experience many times, and sometimes canada goose UK store he also somewhat reluctantly. But the Secretary of municipal Party committee to Long Gang xiang. In his impression, a year also rare to encounter a back. And this is Zhu Daidong's Q
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