prominent place is fast and strong

November 05 [Tue], 2013, 16:05
Fengshen leg, storm type than the storm, obviously high on a level before the attack, many legs, like a rushing wind, and now is a storm whirring call in long Chen eyes, that Yang Ningfeng had almost can not see the shadow, his speed, is longchen seen that one of the fastest speed, both legs, or attack speed, are super storm longchen hearts at this time only the morale, he sneered, despite the strong attack, his eyes but not showing the slightest fear, to his in Yang Ningfeng the attack, he does not hesitate on the head up, Chi Chi Chi sharp claws, like a blade like to front, blood red sè flame diffusing in long Chen's hands, in the fire, walk with a small but terrible dragon shadow "scattered soul matsudana, Wulong day" a total of five dragons roar voice roared, in long Chen Shi, crazy toward Yang Ningfeng surrounded by strangulation to Yang Ningfeng and the tempest, also with two strands of super strength, crashing in all startled eyes. The collider, suddenly the ground vibrate for a while, really yuan reserved Wu Jing, the power control has reached alarming proportions, two people attack each other collision, only a sound dull sound longchen claws and sun fire, direct and Yang Ningfeng Fengshen leg clash, the confrontation, the Dragon Chen's advantage is, his paws and sun fire, can cause CANADA GOOSE VICTORIA DISCOUNT harm to Yang Ningfeng, several times he had in Yang Ningfeng's lap out of the wound, and the fire burning sun he really yuan package body and Yang Ningfeng's attack, the most prominent place is fast and strong, the long Chen,, this advantage is very deadly, tempest and Wulong day battle, once again by the long Chen failed under Yang Ningfeng finally a whip leg, long Chen watching their has been completely the other pressing, he can only recover the arm, block in the leg before the Canada Goose Calgary UK attack, Yang Ningfeng, once again he smokes fly out this time, he rolled in the air several times, before crashing into the ground, the other the strong attack has allowed him to bloodshed, long Chen also haven't been so severely wounded five dirty The organs of the body, really yuan Yang Ningfeng, in his body the wanton attack. After long Chen fell to the ground, and a blood squirting "seven brother, forget it." Lei Zhen saw the horror, at heart is twitching, said almost pleading tone, they understand the long Chen, so they expected nothing wrong, long Chen is a person not going to give up, he finds things, not finished before, he will not back down as if, in his pursuit of Ling xi. Like, he now block in all the front, as war family survival and fighting at the quivering, but once again climb up the tough young, all eyes are pink. The backbone of the juvenile strong, then deeply engraved in their hearts "not dead yet? Boy, your life really is big enough." Yang Ningfeng laughed and mocked, but her heart was shocked, he now lap, has been long Chen to draw a few wounds, but before the attack when Timberland Women's Boots the long Chen, legs into the burning coals in general, red hot, now still not come
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