November 21 [Thu], 2013, 13:36

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. My name is Miki Yoshihara and Ayaka Moro. We are students of Aoyama Gakuin University. Today, we want to talk about Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of The Kingdom of Ryukyu.
Do you know this World Heritage? This world heritage is in Japan. However, I didn't know this before even I'm Japanese. We would like to introduce what is this world heritage and details.

We've devided our presentation into two parts. Mainly, we will talk about Gusuku and Shuri castle.

Let me start with "What is Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of The Kingdom of Ryukyu?"

This is in the south part of Okinawa and 11th world heritage in Japan.
The Kingdom of Ryukyu has relations with many Asian countries like Japan, Korea or China, so it had a unique tradition. Gusuku reflects the cultural tradition of Ryukyu, and it’s evaluated as archeological remains. That's why this was registered as a World Heritage.

There are nine places that are recorded as this world heritage.

They have unique pronunciations. All of them are registered in the World Heritage.

Next, I would like to talk about history.
In 14th century, powerful families had fought in Okinawa. After that, they bacame three power, Nanzan, Chuzan and Hokuzan. It is called "Sanzan period."
Their bases have remaind and are called "Gusuku."
The power of conquering Chuzan, Sho-Hashi, established The Kingdom of Ryukyu. Shuri Casatle is a symbol of that. The Kingdom of Ryukyu had existed from 1429 to 1879.

Next, I would like to talk about Shuri castle.
Shuri castle is the most famous Gusuku in this World Heritage. Shuri castle's picture is a design of two thousand yen bill. Probably, everyone has seen its picture.

Maybe, some of you went there for school trip, and most of you know this. As I said before, Shuri castle is a symbol of Okinawa's history and culture.
Shuri Castle has some open spaces. Many buildings were constructed into Shuri castle. Also, there are sacred places. Other Gusuku have the same features, but Shuri castle developed originally. Shuri castle has relations with China and Japan, so it reflects the culture of Chinese and Japanese architecture.

In Shuri Castle and aroud there, performing arts and music had played, and there were many artists. It was the center of culture and arts. Ryukyu is where originanl tradition developed. Dance called "Kumiodori" is one of them. It is a sign of welcome, and have been handed down when Chinese came to Japan. "Acer" are also included in it.

Finally, we want to summarize our presentation. Gusuku sites and related prroperties of the kingdom of ryukyu shows Okinawa's history and relationships with asian countries. This is important to know Okinawa's history, tradition, culture and so on. We have to maintain these historical buildings, and we need to hand it down to children.

These are references.
If you are interested in Okinawa or Shuri castle, please use these sites.

Thank you.
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