even body suddenly surprised a moment

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Article nameless ancient volume 248 chapters, if you like the 248 chapters of the nameless Sea Scrolls collection 248 chapters nameless Sea Scrolls! Na may Lulu Acquainted, the odd very happy, but that does not mean he was not angry, his heart like seems a sudden explosion of the volcano in general, he burned almost hepatobiliary splitting, Queen's job The TXT download Kyuko, Black Mountain is like a sudden the black snake out of its hole, tongue, they instantly leaned diversion out of the more than one hundred meters, Huma body acute back again wonders this catch tighter, more degrees fast. If you from a bird's eye view, the absolute will now dense ancient forest somewhere strange picture scene, a quiet and green streamer is an incredible degree gallop in the interior of the forest, non-stop shuttle change direction. Quiet green streamer behind there a hundred meters in length long black snake, is more than a green streamer faster chips that degree crazy to catch up with the front of the quiet green streamer. Black Snake's degree not only faster than the quiet green light, and the power of more terrible when the Black Snake lap secluded green light every instant, can see a thread like Baimang suddenly it is like this black snake tongue the general Successive rings with the in general, a series roar of sound Mens North Face Steep Tech Dolomite Cheap, the other book club watching: online games of original sin TXT download earth tremor, fly ash everywhere, like a white mist in general, and instantly completely enveloped around. Originally because of the vision of a large number of trees is a serious barrier suddenly white mist coverage becomes more narrow. Na may Lulu simply can not see the odd and that name Elf archer feitao in fierce fighting, her eyes closed only using in vivo diffusion out of breath, and try to feel the strength of two breath. As a human, she can not see the two of being disease chase, but being born living in the forest, and the forest home of the wizard tribe, they are well aware of the fighting but then at this time. Road, a quiet green light lit up the eyes of the tribe from an Elf, Hughes and his all security see Huma crisis situation in an instant. At the same time, is also a flash of wonders that terrorist attacks force suffered a cold sweat. Wonders attack is very simple hand nameless Sea Scrolls, he is the most direct way, it is like holding a large iron plate kept own secluded green light farther widening near. Escape the Huma panic before flying, cold sweat had soaked the back, but he did not dare to have the slightest effect outset escape just trying out the fastest mobile running, jumping, and at the same time while jumping turned shot an arrow embedded in the huge energy Sunder Arrow. Every bow throw the air out loudly wailing like the devil appeared, his eyes also eyes flashed a trace of self-confidence. But as soon as they heard from the Back clothes inadvertently slowly soaked Huma high escape into continuous injection over twenty arrows, he was finally too much physical exertion and suddenly a slow degrees. Is slow, no odd that Spitfire eyes immediately was immediately pushed to the front of Huma Huma legs immediately a soft body could not help but fall back. The of wonders Hanmang of flash, he did not hesitate to throw a nameless Sea Scrolls, the unknown ancient Volume out, once again sounded a terrible piercing sound in the air, like a devil in his hand frantically tearing the air has been filled in around the white mist actually like suddenly had spirituality generally have to give way for toward both sides of the rapid spread pretty novel: the latest chapter of the gossip rivers and lakes have been in distant eyes closed feeling The people fighting Na Lulu finally opened his eyes, looked up and I looked shocking scene suddenly staged in front of. I saw wonders right hand toss of unknown ancient volumes immediately like a broken water out of the White Dragon, with the momentum of an indomitable, the whistling they broke open the thick white mist, and went straight to the front of the quiet green light away. All the way over, stout millennium old trees out of the way, since there kept quiet green light ** deep green Arrows hinder, but White Dragon, but like one simply can not shake the real dragon encounter large tree light a light hit, directly to the position of the large trees from the roots directly severing shrill roar. Lever for the hit, even spectators at a distance has been of Na may Lulu can immediately feel a terrible energy which contains this power is enough to get her killed instantly, and a lever for the degree of terror to a species and even of Na may Lulu feel scared to the point. This degree, and full cast the Intermediate Magic mention wind system after she compared. But the other emitted arrow attack force far over their own body's defenses. The thought of such a stone would let a lever killed on the spot, Na Lulu's heart is a cool. However, when she saw no odd thrown nameless Sea Scrolls on the lever for oncoming like a large iron plate hit the nail does not have any power of the general, just leaving a crisp ear bite around ding Even the the lower degrees nameless Sea Scrolls flight did not do. Strong visual contrast suddenly let Na Lulu widened eyes and an unblinking look at a pair of beautiful eyes that seemed the embodiment of the the Bailong unknown Sea Scrolls, and know what to say to the only stop in the heart ask yourself: how this thing will be so hard? Why UGG Classic Metallic Boots? Impossible! Lulu Na can think Huma also think Hughes is the same thought, who guard who did not think too much, but have to bow winding will focus looked to hit Huma The Bailong release rainstorm like a wave of the attack. Successive Yu Jian, as if covering the entire piece of heaven and earth, it is like lightning piercing out of a road, one after another in the white mist shrouded forest beautiful arc to draw a road into one, and then from the white mist in lightning out, went straight to the from the Huma distance already only one meter away Baimang away, re-kill the whole side reading sounded, but their fate was emitted and previously Huma each arrow are exactly the same, and even the blocking of the moment did not do, they have light collapsibility Broken Arrow colonies turned into a root arrow already completely into crushed on the ground. more than ten meters, 10 meters wide, stout big trees a foot trunk directly severing, this could not help but Menheng. empty, the blood red one, offal into numerous fragments slowly With blood flowing from the hole. The Huma face suddenly a pale, this injury will not allow him to die immediately. But even the best medicine treatment, he will also be turned into a basket case for life, so, in the moment of their injuries, the eyes of Huma no vitality. Instead of letting him become a basket case, he's worse than death. Almost the same time of the blood is ejected, the Huma binocular immediately emerged ashes like the eyes, the sight becomes blurred. Wreck it? I've been a basket case? In just a second, Huma asked themselves. His eyes to become more and more self-deprecating, but followed, but he did not smile, but suddenly a bite, the eyes of Xianchu deep and pull off the color, transported from his last remaining vestiges of strength toward the already see far Department shouted: exudes a quiet green light ball, only the size of a fist, but light on the weak almost transparent. This is a the Elf family of the strongest trick Wizard blew, this trick is not anyone can do, look good novel: I'm in love with a female legend read the full side. The family talent can only have a patriarch blood do. Huma, Hughes, the old patriarch same can. In addition to the three of them, another wizard tribe does not move, because this is the most mysterious, Elf is also the power of the most terrible ban strokes. Just this trick, must be the cost of life, so, not a last resort can never cast. But this trick to deal with a strong can deal with the mighty force is very weak, so the old patriarch will have to choose to let Hughes Huma brothers flee their homes. Now, Huma realizing it has become a basket case, Big Brother Matthews did not really prolapse dangerous. Own has already lost the help Big Brother strength, maybe a minute, maybe just a second later, and he will even wizard blew this family, the most powerful in the forbidden strokes are unable to cast. Its last with himself and his brother, and the remaining several tribe was genocide, not as good as he sacrificed himself achievement Big Brother. Hughes's decision very decisive. However, Huma hand just green ball in his hands about to self-destruct, but the arm is suddenly a pain, a loose fingers the secluded green ball from his hand, suddenly fell to the ground. Huma's eyes immediately emerged strongly unwilling and angry, his line of sight now see clearly who is who, and can only see the front of a blur, and even something in his eyes became doorstep a vague existence. Expression of despair and anguish in the face of Huma suddenly revealed, he should like a wronged child like silent out two lines of tears. Matthews no longer stand his brother's tragic story, a release firmly grasp the arm of the right hand of his brother, Huma tightly in the arms of his equally cheeky pain of the color, while patting his brother back, while voice, choking back tears, said: worried about the color, you want the opening, he was always the big hand covered his mouth. Hughes shook his head gently, slowly turned, looked at the front of this age was only twelve or thirteen, but the strength of the terrible teenager, looking for a positive, Chen Sheng said: I want to kill people happy point, but I tell you, you'll never get our Elf heritage thousands of years of archery practice of the law, even if it is dead, I would not have to disclose anything at Vipers square to read, but I have a request, I hope you can help me brother, I just see you like I will instantly repair the injury trick my brother has been a basket case, I do not want you and he fully healed, as long as Elf ordinary people can look after themselves on the line. As for the meridians is broken, you can ignore where several archers Canada Goose Women's Kensington, but my escort, they do not know the practice of the law of the archery store which, I hope you can put them, leaving the point of our Elf blood. If there is no odd not take the initiative to attack, then he will be immersed in the other is not the enemy of self fantasy, but he suddenly saw no odd shot, but also to see the full of wonders and seriously wounded his younger brother. He was on the confusion of thinking instantly become more confusing. Do not ponder why under this heavy-handed, they negated the beginning guess the first time, and again no the odd judgment for the other side is a group home with the group aggression Wizard of human army of wonders. So, he uttered the above Zhefan and completely contrary to their own previous speculation. But Hughes was concerned about the mess relationship mind all on Huma, who were not aware of the contradiction at. Instead own judgment now convinced. Then Hughes slowly release your hands, stand tall, longbow back quiver, and hands all Wangdishangyi throw, make still the person to dispose of posture, body shed the terrible atmosphere also instantaneous convergence, the only life-sized former juvenile to a dead life. However, Hughes, Huma, and that several of wonders just show surprising strength scared pale Elf guard whom stunned but, flashing eyes Hanmang, a breath lengli juvenile, even body suddenly surprised a moment. Not only did not like the previous general instantly turned into a Black Mountain wounded or killed patriarch, but rather Hanmang disappeared, his eyes stay for, and then looked bewildered Hughes, asked softly:
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