Difference Between SD and SDHC Cards

April 23 [Mon], 2012, 14:36
SD and SDHC stands for Secure Digital and Secure Digital High Capacity respectively. Both of these are portable flash memory. These are used extensively in portable electronic devices that include mobiles, audio and video players, PDA's, GPS and many other devices.Most new devices cannot read cards below 2 GB and require high storage capacity to function properly. As the name suggests the basic difference between the SD and SDHC card is the difference in the capacities. SD cards have the storage capacity that varies from 16 MB to 4 GB, whereas the storage capacity for SDHC card is quite high ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB. The newer specification for SDHC cards even allow for storage capacity greater than 32 GB.The large storage capacity demands for greater read and write speed as well as the data transfer speed. Thus the introduction of SDHCcards has caused new standards for the speed to be defined. Therefore, another difference between SD and SDHC card is that all the SDHCcards come with the new speed class that is from 2 MB/s to 6 MB/s. On the other hand, only the new SD cards have this speed classification. The earlier ones do not have this.SDHC cards have the file system FAT 32 while SD cards have a FAT 16 file system. SD cards use the byte addressing for the storage purpose whereas SDHCcards use sector addressing for storing data. Each sector in the SDHC card is of 512 MB and therefore has the maximum storage capacity of 2 TB, although new SDHC card specification will be required for this high storage capacity. This enables the SDHCcards to have better speed for storing data. The SD cards quote peak write speed whereas the SDHCcard will show the sustained write speed.SDHC enabled devices also allow backward compatibility which in SD cards is only limited to microSD and miniSD card. This means that you can also use an SD card in an SDHCcard slot with an adapter. Most of the SD card reader devices will not work with SDHC cards unless it has a firmware upgrade system of which most devices do not have.The moving trend toward the SDHCcard was due to the increasing demand from the consumers for higher storage capacity for their devices. The other differences are all based on it as higher storage capacity demands some other changes as well. The SDHC cards have successfully met this demand of consumers and this basic difference is the main reason for the changing trend. Whatever differences SD and SDHC cards have the purpose for both remains the same, i.e. to provide data storage in a compact sized card using flash memory.SDCards4Cheap, LLC [http://www.sdcards4cheap.com] specializes in secure digital (SD) cards of the highest quality but with the price of a lower level quality product. We are a small based e-commerce company located and operated in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are committed to satisfy our customers by bringing quality brand name merchandise, low prices, spirited customer service, and in most cases same day shipping.SDCards4Cheap Team[http://www.sdcards4cheap.com]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matthew_Rousselle
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