My Destination 

2005年08月31日(水) 13時57分
Last nite I thought about sth. over and over
Next Year I MUST go to see w-inds. Concert !!!!!!!!
Now I feel I just missed a HUGE thing

P'Chim and P' Ping's purikura after they went to see w-inds.
ps. Many thanks to P'Ping for giving this to me


2005年07月09日(土) 21時20分
スッピンだから 泣いていいでしょ
もっと 「好き」と言えばよかった

スッピン涙 止まらないみたい
もっと 「好き」と言えばよかった



2005年06月17日(金) 21時07分
GOD I just realized that i have LOTS of work to do Sorry that I hardly entry this blog.

This semester, all courses are in English ( and studying from 9 am to 4 pm .) . Although I always get A in English , but this time I don't understand what they are talking about . Feel like I'm a stupid Maybe I'm a kind of that person

By the way, today Tuk gave me a w-inds. leaflet (She got it when she went to JP la Thanks girl ) It's about this comimg concert schedule

I wish someday I could go to see this concert with P'Ping and P' Chim jung. But I'm not allowed anyway. I pray next year i could . But I have to go to US first. hahahaha

The latest Maki 's single スッピンと涙。 It remind me of her サヨナラのLOVE SONG . Anyways, Gochin's voice is always fabulous!!!

40 kinds of sadness 

2005年06月11日(土) 23時05分
Two days chasing me around
I go crazy when you're outside of my world
When you're outside of my world
No sounds singing me to sleep

I don't want the room to breathe
Just be with me...
Just be with me!

I feel 40 kinds of sadness when you're gone.
I feel the same thing always happens when you're gone
And i know you're just around the corner
But just around the corner is not enough
It's not enough

My eyes are waiting at the door
Just like every time before
Time flies so slow...
Time flies so slow!

It's not enough, I don't know why
It's not enough, I miss you all the time

Lost in Translation 

2005年06月06日(月) 21時27分
I DO know that this site is Japanese which I Do not understand it AT ALL but I'm still try to learn by myself without any knowledge. Like my mama said, when I will take Japanese course while I'm so crazy about this country. (Actually I do only with Idols naa lol ) Well,I feel dunno just too lazy

Anyway, this site is totally driving me CRAZY I can't read it and it's tough..very tough for who doesn't know this language I can imagine if I have a chance to go this fantastic country alone , what i might be

Maybe It's time to study Japanese

Gumbatte ne~

hey.......did I tell you guy that I'm tooooooooooooooooooooooooo LAZY?
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