red bottom shoes for men worsening of the situation

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 17:31

red bottom shoes for men worsening of the situation

The reason why most of the traditional media, “Gan Zuoren ladder dictates both the external environment, such as the lack of existing laws on the protection of political news; itself factors, such as lack of knowledge of their own values, lack of traditional media and the Web jimmy choo flats site bargaining power and ability. Some traditional media unwilling this, the first step, a more reasonable use of the price agreement, reached with the website or pay to read the way to protect their own achievements, some made good gains.

Digital era, traditional media could not have with the site is no intersection. But, if the traditional media is always a “volunteer” site, unilateral blood transfusion, “wedding dress for others, instead of mutual benefit to achieve a win-win situation, this model will be unsustainable. The 50 writers BaoTuan made of “anti-infringement Union” is also a source of inspiration for traditional media, traditional media websites cheap or free reprint News behavior should say “no”.Scientific management issues of the context of the wind vulgar Internet, christian louboutin men shoes new media also increasingly surfaced as problems to be solved.

Scientific management issues of the context of the jimmy choo handbags sale wind vulgar Internet, new media also increasingly surfaced as problems to be solved.Your correspondent found in the research, some illegal websites under the banner of the name of “China” or “national” link-renowned authority website published a large number of the negative news of the false information, businesses and local governments the opportunity to defraud or extortion, the adverse social impact.In July 2008, Hebei cracked a fake network reporters fraud. Called “the rule of law in China,” a fake website set up more than 30 provincial channels.

and the development of more than 80 members, with the negative news in various the fraudulent Subscribe units over 580, the stress they Subscription “the rule of law in China Information” over 900 parts, involving more than 100 million.The end of September 2008, Beijing police jimmy choo sandals seized the Chinese legal system observation network of manufacturing and selling fake reporter certificate case. “China’s legal system observation network consists of investigative journalism department, internal reference, activist, linkage reporters Ministry department, located in Henan, Yunnan, Hainan, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other provinces, they produced fake reporters certificates to 05,000 yuan per -1.5 million sale to others.

December 9, 2008, the State Administration of Traditional exposed 74 fake medicine agency websites, including 68 starts with the word “China”. Reporters in Baidu in input × ×, China Search, almost every industry has dozens of “China” or “State” on the site, many websites making sophisticated real to the enemy., “The illegal websites GuoZiHao” by threatening negative coverage of news and spread rumors to local governments or enterprises demanded “hush money”, some enterprises and local government departments fear red bottom shoes for men worsening of the situation, they give money to the matter trouble to make a fake website has been the survival the soil “Investigating the case of China’s legal system observation network management corps officer of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Wang Qizhen said.

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