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September 17 [Tue], 2013, 10:16
After the transfer rumors for several seasons, Real Madrid finally ineffective 6.5 years of the team's top striker and captain of the fourth. Club fans love tends to be young and hope grow time – so the fans with the club or have a common experience. A six-year, seven-year span, often accompanied by a lot of things, in this time of so many exclamations. Gonzalo higuain is a kind of mood of the first--and seldom can be extended for six or seven years what it is not. Then there is the struggle for the faith. Past season top scorer and one of the leagues top scorer of the team, nike free run 2 mens but in every start, again as a substitute competition soon is back to being the team's first choice. This is Real Madrid traditionally elegant and arrogant temperament is hard to imagine or even contradict, and that fighting spirit was clearly more valuable, as a belief. Hurk, Falco, Liliana CAVANI King status was created and often overlooked, a Foundation, Porto, Madrid, Naples is present, and the future years not be among the ranks of the greatest Club; on the other hand, if active, "The Proud Twins" into the transfer market, breaking all the records are bound to the past. No one will deny Real Madrid;
In fact in the East Asian Cup, few people showed their strength in different ways and desires, Gao Lin and Yu Dabao elsewhere also showed great adaptability, added a lot of points for myself, and this is particularly important in 352 system. However, there may also be 442 plays. Despite the lack of new ideas, but a well-balanced, is, after all, has been in use for n years form, is not easy to make a mistake. If this is the case, is basically flat back four, midfield diamond stance and the lower back + front ahead, before and after the two-man the wrong, a surprise, a scramble for the nike free run 3 womens right place. Vulgarity of the play, somewhat defensive, but attacks on frontcourt personnel capable of demanding. In this system, two sidewalks and similar to 352 left Rong Hao? + dilute zhe Zhang (Deng Zhuo Xiang), Beck, Zhang Lin luxuriant + Wu Lei (Sun Ke). Central Defender is a bit more difficult. You can imagine at the moment is, after Dewey, Dai Lin (yunlong) marking and Yang Boyu alternative. Single quarter was undoubtedly Qin l, Yang Hao, Bowen option. This position is needed before suddenly have good ball handling ability, breaking capacity, dajuguan, looking at the person in the country, Wang, Chen Tao, haojunmin can play, but personally, Zheng was the right person for this position, at the same time, I think that is the biggest waste of Zheng in a defensive position, only the offense in this position to maximize his role.
Football prediction contest Description: football prediction contest is guessing soccer score games, on October 30, 2005, Brooks fans Association was established, operating soccer prediction classes which is synchronized throughout the League in which a dozen people forecast contest, and under the rules is integral, am the Scudetto. 2006 for Creek fans Association forecast race first year, Shandong fans Liang Bing removal first Laurel; thereafter, from 2007 to 2012 of champion respectively for Liaoning people Zhao Yu, and Liaoning people Yang He, and Hebei people Sumbe, and Liaoning people Yang He, and Jiangsu people Wang Yuguo, and Liaoning people Zhao Yu; 2013 of forecast race is for in the, currently points list ranked first of is Liaoning people Zhao Yu, to currently weizhi, also no a people can do reelected champion, not knows Zhao Yu can achieved this target. Since 2009 prediction contest set up Group b, implement lifting system, at present, the Group of 20 people, b 20, Deputy District of new participants in Group b (new group b) competitions, outstanding group transferred to the b list.
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