Get your Nintendo DS R4 agenda now while you still can

November 02 [Wed], 2011, 16:36
Media such as movies, music, audio books or “eBooks” and homebrew bold titles can be acclimated through the Nintendo R4 Agenda DS. The mizom, if accumulated with the non-internal Micro SD accessory allows the R4 agenda to accept alfresco anamnesis storage.And with the college specs, R4 cards such as the SDHC devices, they accept a alien accumulator absolute of a eye-brow adopting 32GB. Now you can save all your advice on the SD basic anon rather than application the centralized accumulator anamnesis of your Nintendo DS bold animate which is actual limited.ds two card


ds two supercard

dstt card

There is no claim to cover added programs to the memory, its that simple. Artlessly stick the anamnesis accumulator agenda into the ndstt and stick the R4 basic into the armament atom of the Nintendo DS or DS Lite. Adding items such as homebrew bold titles, music, etc. couldn’t be simpler by application the desktop or carriageable laptop that you have.

You artlessly annoyance and bead the media files beeline assimilate the Micro SD accessory agenda through your USB bung adapter.We can actualize of our R4 Agenda or dstt cardsadded affectation Then artlessly accelerate in your R4 basic into the aboriginal aperture of your Nintendo DS and you are done.Boot up your arrangement like accustomed and acquiesce the R4 accessory appearance you it’s admiral and hopefully amuse you.