The injection was preventing and treats disease aspect to make the important contributions

January 26 [Sun], 2014, 15:12
The injection was preventing and treats infusion set aspect to make the important contributions. Must achieve these, must use the aseptic color injector and the needle, after the use injection equipment should make correct processing [1]. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistical data, the world implements the injection to treat 12,000,000,000 people every year, in which 50% is unsafe approximately approximately, our country's situation is not exceptional. Causes the safe injection factor to be very many, in which needs to pay attention specially is injects the equipment not repeatedly uses after the disinfection and the injector. Looking from the whole insulin pen needle trend of development, the retraction self-destruction type injector's security is being approved by the people, although it substitutes for the disposable injector to need one