2006年01月11日(水) 19時40分

This past week has been amazing.
Which is really really weird for me.
Usually I'm so depressed by wednesday -.-

I went to WallyWorld with Sabrina yesterday,
And got the fabric for my costume.
All together it costed around 20$
For some really good fabric.
So I am pretty estatic about that.
Maybe I'll start it today =]

I still need a RIDE TO ORLANDO.
My mom hasn't given me the ok yet that she will drive me >.<
This is so difficult.


2006年01月10日(火) 13時57分

I really wish my camera wasn't broken,
I could have used it this weekend ='[
Me and Hanna went over Erin's saturday morning,
And hung out,
And dyed hair.
Then we ran out of bleach,
So me and Hannananana stayed home and Erin went with her mom.
I was half expecting him not to be coming,
But I am glad he did.
So the weekend.
It was full of drama at one point.
But that's ok.
Because it made me realize what good friends I actually have.
I love my crew.
I love them to death,
And no one will ever replace them.
And I will never break the promise that I made.
No way.

I fucking love you guys.
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