Deal with challenges to face competition 

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 14:44
Twelve Five will be a critical period for China's economic and social development, China's auto industry structural adjustment, change the development mode, accelerate the critical period to promote energy conservation and new energy vehicle development. Before the introduction of the automotive industry's 12th Five-Year Plan, China Department of car Dongfeng Yulon and other major car companies in the market to predict on the basis to develop a five-year plan.

FAW Group R & D expenses of $ 19 billion in 2015, China FAW vehicle sales will be over 4 million ... Shanghai Automotive's 2015 goal is the production and marketing of over 6 million ... last year alone, China's top 10 automotive Group: SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Chang'an, BAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, Chery, BYD, Brilliance, Geely, coupled with the JAC and the Great Wall Motor, 12 Automotive Group in the final of the 12th Five-Year Plan 2015 years of preliminary planning, production capacity will reach about 32.5 million.

Means that after five years of annual production and sales will be close to 2 times that of 2010, overwhelmed by the growth industry competition, the next five years, the automotive market will be intense competition and unprecedented.

Current trends, the joint venture brands and imported cars still occupy a large share of sales, and its own brand is the same also mushroomed rise, but in terms of brand value or technological innovation has the international giants of the gap, China car urgent upgrade. So in the first year of the second Five-Year Plan, the planning and layout of the entire automotive industry prospects and development than ever.

To the upper hand in the intense competition on the market, car prices in the Twelfth Five of the first year of the flow moving. Own brand from the stunning debut in the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, hit the "wisdom" ace Chinese cars for the brightest people are optimistic. Officially be able to anticipate this trend and make the appropriate initiatives to the upper hand in the increasingly intense global competition.

The wisdom of the Chinese car makers Dongfeng Yulong repairer philosophy, not only conforms to the development of smart technology trends. Information and intelligence in automotive applications, making the Chinese cars have been fully prepared to meet the challenges of the upcoming car networking era. From the immediate needs of the consumer's point of view, the concept of humane repairer of private customized mobile space more 360 ​​degrees to provide the most humane care and accurate to meet the requirements of consumers for the future of the automobile upgrades and changes, so that the Chinese Department of The car ahead of the layout for the upcoming twelve-five fierce competition to do your homework and preparation.

Deal with challenges to face competition, and wisdom layout ready to prepare, in addition to the wisdom of thinking to meet the personalized needs of people behind the intelligent innovation and technology in the same development strategy of "wisdom" strong support, it is learned that Dongfeng the Yulon are spending huge sums to build their own R & D center is the car from an important stage of mechanization in transition to the intelligent come out on top!

Generally speaking, are auto market every five years upgrading the peak of this year, just upgrade with the consumer products coincide. All indications that 2011 will be the most intense competition in the automotive market, the only accurate prediction of the future direction of development, and to make the wisdom of the layout, can be in an invincible position in the smokeless war. Forward-looking eyes to discover the underlying needs of the consumers on the future of the automobile, and a powerful industrial resources as support, is the layout of the whole "wisdom" to win the key, I believe that China cars in this tough battle to make a pretty good start.

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The battery replacement work  

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 14:43
The tunnel opened to traffic around the corner, the tunnel bus transfer station, the construction of public concern. 20, the reporter was informed that nearly 90% of the total project amount of Jiaozhou Bay tunnel transfer station has been completed, two electric buses have begun to test the transfer station equipment. It is reported that after the opening of the tunnel, the electric bus replacement battery will be fully completed by the robot.

20, bus transfer station tunnels in Jiaozhou Bay, workers are busy remediation road, inside the electric car charging stations, technicians are debugging a charging device. According to the Qingdao Municipal Design Institute engineers, Sun Wei, the total project amount has been completed 90% of the transfer station of the main building, including transfer stations, electric car charging stations, office area has been basically completed. Bus transfer site, a total of 14 m length, the steel frame structure has set the stage, the remaining part of the cable laying and installation of supporting facilities, "said Sun Wei, now two electric bus is the presence of the region have begun to test equipment .

The reporter learned that, after the opening of the electric bus, the battery replacement work will be by the robot to complete. Sun Wei will be introduced, each electric bus will be equipped with two robots, replace the battery on the sides at the same time, the entire charging stations a total of 12 robots can give six electric buses to replace the battery.

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The controller factors 

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 14:42
Electric vehicles in the course of lead-acid batteries are consumable parts is directly related to the cost of the user's normal use lead-acid battery charge and discharge cycle of up to 500 times more than the life of lead-acid batteries, while the actual use of the process often find far lower than the charge-discharge cycles, according to the analysis of the main reasons are the following:

1, the inherent

Form a lead-acid batteries of electric cars are often in series 2 (24V) or 3 (36V) battery individual battery pack, so that the necessary testing battery composed of lead-acid batteries for each individual need to pick each battery The individual characteristics of the composition of the lead-acid battery in order to achieve the best combination of effects, thereby increasing the life of the entire lead-acid battery pack. Otherwise, there are individual characteristic differences in lead-acid batteries of individuals will affect the life of lead-acid batteries of battery pack. For example, an individual capacity is too small, charging this individual was first fully charged and entered into the state of charge and discharge the individual first release is finished and the discharge status (equivalent to the use of dry, old and new points electric car batteries mix effect), so that the individual capacity to further reduce the vicious cycle. Some manufacturers do not have the testing equipment did not make the necessary matching detection, there are deficiencies in the selection of lead-acid battery pack, affecting the life of lead-acid batteries of electric cars.

2, charger factor

A duty cycle of the lead-acid batteries to charge and discharge process, the charging process is also an important factor to affect the lead-acid battery life. Lead-acid battery charge current, charge control, directly affect the life of electric vehicle batteries. Lead-acid battery capacity and voltage of the charging parameters, Therefore, the parameters of the charger should match with the parameters of the electric vehicle lead-acid batteries, so as to reduce the damage of lead-acid battery charging improper opportunity. In pursuit of the fast charge current, some charger will charge current is increased to (0.3-0.5) times C (C, - battery capacity value), and using some special charge control in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the charging time, of course, this there are many chargers to achieve this goal, but also damaged lead-acid batteries in electric cars.

For example, a well-known brand in the domestic electric vehicle charger to use the more advanced "negative pulse depolarization charger", but with a combination of electric car battery pack properly, but caused damage to the lead-acid batteries, the charger has the advantage of contrary caused damage to the shortcomings of lead-acid batteries, has seriously affected the life of lead-acid batteries. Therefore reasonable charger and lead-acid battery charging parameters, group parameters match, you can extend the life of electric vehicle batteries.

3, the controller factors

Process of discharge of the duty cycle of the lead-acid battery is the electric car driving process, use a variety of parameters in the process of moving controller is to control the battery discharge parameters, the controller also affect the lead-acid battery life important factor. It is puzzling that people tend to ignore this factor, attributed to the impact of lead-acid battery life battery manufacturing plant and charger, and sometimes the battery manufacturing plant and charger of.

Battery discharge process, the main damage factors are two: (1) high-current discharge. General 12AH lead-acid battery discharge current of C, ie, 12A, electric cars selected gel batteries, so the maximum discharge current is smaller. Current electric car manufacturers in order to improve acceleration, gradeability and load level, tend to make the limiting current of the controller to be extended to more than 14A (or 20A), the performance is improved, but the damage of lead-acid batteries is real, of course, these problems early in the user is not aware of, and often in use for some time to reflect. Because users every acceleration, every climbing are hurt in a lead-acid batteries. The solution to this problem can only be used with double-loop control of the controller. (2) over-discharge. Over discharge damage is also an important factor of the electric vehicle lead-acid batteries, the controller generally with undervoltage protection circuit to prevent the use of lead-acid batteries of electric cars, pick-up voltage (battery stop discharging the battery voltage will rise to 2 - 3V) should be used with a control voltage hysteresis undervoltage protection circuit, so do ensure that the batteries of electric cars will not discharge.

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Lead-acid battery industry  

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 14:39
This year, the frequent appearance of "blood lead poisoning cases, the relevant state departments to focus on remediation of lead-acid battery industry. More than 95 percent of the domestic enterprise can not be avoided, many SMEs have had to close in rectifying the career change. This rectification will be greatly improved lead-acid battery industry chaos, bringing industry reshuffle. Many people think that the lead-acid batteries represent the backward technology, and wide application prospects. However, the China Battery Industry Association, said the person, the mainstream position of the lead-acid batteries is also difficult to shake.

The body of the title Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University, Professor Chen said that the current lead-acid battery as a very mature technology, accounting for 70 percent of all battery market share. If you leave the lead-acid battery, our lives will not be able to imagine.

With the emergence of China's automobile coverage to enhance and electric bicycles, the significant increase in demand for lead-acid batteries. 10 years ago, the industry output value of 100 billion yuan, with the increasing demand for 2010, the production of lead-acid battery has reached 140 million kVA, the output value jumped to 1000 billion yuan.

From electric bicycles to see the lead-acid batteries as a power battery applications in the field of electric bicycles, and account for more than 95% market share. The battery costs 350 yuan per bicycle, new electric bicycle market battery an annual average of about $ 10 billion market capacity, the battery replacement market for 24.5 billion yuan. Therefore, consider the prospects for development of the industry, lead-acid battery industry has ushered in the spring.

CMIC is (the China Market Intelligence Center) analysts believe that the lead-acid battery prices 40% this year is the drastic reduction of lead-acid batteries encountered unprecedented consolidation, production. This time the industry to rectify put in place, lead-acid battery industry, 90% of enterprises will face a reshuffle, the industrial concentration will greatly enhance.

Industry scattered, chaotic, poor phenomenon to be reversed, it will greatly promote the transparency of competition in the industry. Currently, lead-acid battery plant is neither bear the costs of environmental protection, drilling tax loopholes, does not seem fair for manufacturers. Access conditions for the introduction of the two on the same starting line to compete, such as AMD and other technical advantages of the enterprise will be able greatly to their quality and productivity advantages, to achieve technology-driven industry virtuous circle of development.

Industry sources say that environmental regulation is only a beginning, lead-acid battery industry industrial policy will be gradually introduced more and more enterprises will be eliminated. Facing the industry is not only "shock", the majority of enterprises are facing extinction, then will usher in the "rebirth" of the industry. Along with industrial concentration, improve and upgrade industrial technology, the future prospects of the industry leader, part of the lead-acid batteries listed companies optimistic about the market.

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The core materials market is still Japan's world 

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 14:37
Japanese IT market research firm - Japan IT Research Institute (IIT) recently released a report, Japan is to sit tight in the 20 years the throne of the rechargeable battery market this year may be transferred to the Republic of Korea, also urged the South Korean enterprises in the global rechargeable battery market in Japan launched fierce attacks vigilant. Report that in 2011, the share of Korean companies and Japanese companies in the global rechargeable battery market will reach 38.5% and 38.4%. From now the world rechargeable battery market competition to see the contents of Japanese IT Research Institute forecast is entirely possible to become a reality.

The Government's strong support to improve the technical level

In July 2010, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak presided over a green growth committee reported to the Assembly, the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Finance, Planning, Education Science and Technology and the Green Growth Committee submitted a Korean rechargeable battery designed to improve industrial competitiveness proposal, including the next 10 years to invest 15 trillion won (U.S. $ 12.5 billion) for the rechargeable battery technology R & D in order to enhance the status of the technology in the world to increase global market share, 2020, South Korea to build producing countries of the world's largest rechargeable battery.

The main proposals cover the following four elements: First, strengthen the competitiveness of large and medium-sized battery industry; second is to concentrate development of the core material of rechargeable batteries; build a virtuous circle of industrial ecology; promote the establishment of international rechargeable battery industry integration roadmap ". The South Korean government expects the research and development of related projects to achieve the desired goal, 2020, South Korea in the technical capacity will reach 80% of the level of developed countries, South Korean battery manufacturer in the global market share will reach 50%.

At present, the Ten Group (date) was in Korea, Samsung, LG, Hanwha, POSCO, Lotte, GS 7 group to enter the rechargeable battery market or announced its entry into the market. Korean companies led by Samsung SDI and LG Chem, following the small battery market for mobile phones, laptops, car battery field has great potential for development will also be ahead of Japan.

The core materials market is still Japan's world

Research Institute of the Japanese IT research report related to the rechargeable battery market analysis is finished the field. In the field of the core material of the rechargeable battery, Japan is still dominant.

The rechargeable battery is composed of four parts by the positive electrode, negative electrode, separator and electrolyte. The principle of rechargeable batteries, the positive and negative poles of the voltage gap between the storage of electricity and power generation. Isolation positive and negative poles to prevent their contact with the separator, electrolyte fill the space between the anode, cathode and diaphragm material. These four core material accounts for 65-70% of the total cost. The world's largest manufacturer of these core materials are almost all Japanese companies. Japan's Nichia Chemical Industries, Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of the positive electrode; Hitachi Chemical Industries in Japan is the largest producer of the negative electrode; divide the market, Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd. and the United States CELGARD are competing for the market the first two; only field in the electrolyte, Korea Panaxetec with Japan's Ube Kosan a higher low.

Core materials market due to the monopoly of Japanese companies, with the finished enterprise of Samsung SDI, LG Chemical battery export volume growth, South Korea, the materials imported from Japan is also increasing. In 2009, Korean companies charging the battery's total exports reached $ 2.45 billion, nearly half of the core material imports, reached $ 1.07 billion. Imports from Japan amounted to $ 490 million, accounting for 46%.

Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy, published in July 2010, the rechargeable battery to strengthen the competitiveness of the program acknowledged this disadvantage. According to analysis, the South Korean battery manufacturing technology and Japan, but the material and the core technology competitiveness less than half that of Japan. Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the rechargeable battery industry, said rechargeable battery core material, the localization rate of only about 30%. South Korean industry official said, even if Korea is to sit the throne, rechargeable batteries finished the field of rechargeable battery market the first true still.

Investment boom set off for the core material

Behind Japan in the field of rechargeable battery materials, the South Korean companies to increase investment in this area seek to change the status quo within two years. The most representative is to enter the negative electrode market, GS Group and POSCO. GS Caltex and Posco Chemtech, in the July 2011 voted to build the rechargeable battery to the negative electrode factory in Gumi, North Gyeongsang and South Chungcheong Yeongi. As of 2010, only 1% of the negative electrode localization rate of Korea, the negative electrode market by Japanese companies hand control. However, if the two companies started at the end of 2011 production, will be able to meet the South Korean domestic demand.

LG Chem and SK Innovation, following the charging of the battery finished, began production of the core material of rechargeable batteries. LG Chem has started production of the positive electrode and the electrolyte, negative electrode and the diaphragm is still in the research and development status. SK Innovation2005 years, first in Korea to achieve commercialization of the rechargeable battery separator technology has become a top five companies in this field world. The company also developed jointly with the South Korean the Aekyung oil of the negative electrode.

The South Korean government and the industry driven by the growth in demand for convenience, eco-friendly power, the global rechargeable battery market scale from 2010 to $ 12.3 billion to expand to $ 77.9 billion in 2020. The mobile IT products used by small rechargeable battery market size increased from the current $ 9.4 billion to $ 22 billion; electric vehicles and energy storage using large and medium-sized rechargeable battery market share from the current $ 3 billion to $ 55.9 billion . If the rechargeable battery market, as supposed, the development and growth, the market size of each of the core material will be more than 10 trillion won. This is South Korea's large enterprises in addition to the finished product other than the material to give a high degree of concern.

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The city's industrial economic efficiency  

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 14:34
The statistics department released data show that the statistics of the 86 kinds of major industrial products, there are 67 kinds of production growth in the first half. Among them, the solar cell of the fastest growing.

Since the beginning of the Jinzhou City attaches great importance to the development of industrial economy, industrial economy to achieve stable and rapid growth. The first half of the city's above-scale industrial added value grew 17 percent, a growth rate of the province. Among them, the light industry grew faster than heavy industry by 9.4 percentage points. Non-public economy is booming, above-scale industrial added value accounted for 67.2% the proportion of the city-scale industries, among which the joint-stock enterprises have obvious advantages.

At the same time, the city's industrial economic efficiency has also been increasing steadily. The first half of the industrial enterprises above designated size to achieve the main business income of over one hundred billion yuan. Most products maintained rapid growth, there are 67 kinds of showing growth in 86 kinds of main products of the statistics. Among them, the top four of the solar cells, plastic products, feed, and ferro-alloys, solar cells, the growth rate of 101.8 percent in the first place.

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Winter blizzard hit the Qinshan Nuclear Power Line Haiyan grid to ensure smooth power supply 

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 12:54
"Thanks to the master of the Power Supply Bureau, well in advance the anti-freezing, anti-snow disaster work, our construction of electricity is safe and sound. Otherwise, this blizzard of snow thickness of two 30 cm yesterday, our side-Shan nuclear power construction line electricity on may not be able to protect. "December 16, Qinshan Nuclear Power Master Lee early in the morning call to express my gratitude.

It is understood that on December 15, salt grid experienced the first snow this winter, the snow up to twenty or thirty centimeters thick, a few years ago the council to draw anti-freezing, anti snowstorm learned early start to prepare for the snowstorm Paul Electric provided a strong guarantee.
According to the the Haiyan electricity staff Xu Jieshao, two units of 650,000 kilowatts of PWR nuclear power plant, construction of Phase II expansion project of Qinshan Nuclear Power, China's "Eleventh Five-Year" period started construction of large-scale nuclear power plant project, while the salt supply Bureau under the jurisdiction of the 35 kV Willow Hill 445 line, the above-mentioned key construction electricity substation standby power supply, once the power outage, construction project could not take place.

From the head-December, the council received the county government and the higher the power sector anti-freezing, anti snowstorm notice, immediate action early in the morning of the 15th, due to heavy snow sudden drop in temperature, sea salt grid electricity load has increased drastically, the Bureau of Party and government leaders personally, pay close attention to the premise of the nuclear power green-powered, it the first time start against freezing rain and snow emergency plan, with classes led by the party and government workers, more than 200 red boat rescue team and concentrate on The site of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant powerhouse in the mountain jungle, focus on examination of power tower, the soil is loose; focus on examination of these lawless elements, theft, power poles, occurred; focus on picking up the check power line contingency plans for the implementation of information systems, equipment defects in eliminating defects dangerous point analysis and pre-control measures. And power supplies owned and vehicle were implemented.

To attack is issued to, the council has organized force overtime taken in during the day someone on duty, night special investigation and other effective measures. Up to now, it has the Qinshan nuclear power construction of electricity power lines, substations, distribution box, carry out a full inspection, 35 kV Willow Hill 445 line, check the nuclear Line 12 km, Tower 51, and related substation equipment in a timely manner to eliminate the many hidden equipment and truly ensure the smooth flow of the the Qinshan side-Shan Nuclear Power Construction Power won the praise of nuclear power staff.

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