Chen three begins not with hE Qing

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Two hundred and twenty first chapter six Chen three back to the mountains and later returned to the general practitioner as previously rì son, the difference is that this time there are people with him, followed rì Son Ho Ching came to him the number of significant increase the number , of course, is to investigate two more things on the relevant practice , and does not involve too much personal. This rì Chan Ho Ching two three and nine deduction Yao G gold jianjue finished fourth type after they have days out with the Court, where his two flat rì Court practice in both days is not much time , after all both were some of their own secrets, Chen three begins not with hE Qing Yun Xi or five days , said Kam thing, of course, he never asked any clear what private, sometimes too inquisitive is not necessarily a good thing. "There is a door in a few rì majority , and there is no certainty ? Recent rì I see you did not find Shixiongdimen less to learn Yanwu field , seems to have kept seventeen consecutive victories , is not it a little Xinxinbaopeng ? " And they went out both days Men's North Face Nuptse Down of the Court , He Qing suddenly asked, grinning , Chen three slightly hesitated and scratched his head and said: " You know my kinda thing clear ah , in fact, nothing, I just north face sale store want to to try the red sun symbol of true progress fills fairly good results , as saying Xinxinbaopeng , that would not , after all, the real three powerful figure is limited, and I am sure you have some means of bottom pressure did not make it out , I'm afraid to formally contest the time came , it would not be so easy to win . " Chen three lips to say, but the heart still some contentment , his face unconscious to reveal a little smile, hE Qing and his together for so long, how can I not know what he was thinking , he smiled and said: "Well, like music on the music bar, where not any outsider, no one will say you arrogant , say you do win pretty , seventeen -game winning streak , going record . "Chen three laughed, waved and said:" well, well , you do not compliment me, spread out a joke , by the way , before the majority of these rì I'm not ready to go , ready to break a few days , you do not busy practicing , riding there are a few rì, next time to relax frayed nerves has been that I have not seen you up so desperate , in addition to practicing every rì is practice, almost never seen you do anything else , so go sooner or later something bad will happen . " " Who I am wrong about talent , talent is not good naturally a bit more effort , a good Do not say, I will go back, and a majority of rì see . " Qing He smiled, then waved goodbye away, Chen three watched her walk back, and only wry smile and shook his head , saying in fact he is not the first time to persuade , but he advised owned advised , they do not listen to him there is no way . In his clear insight into what kind of practice is placing before , he always thought that home is the most desperate , the practice rarely stopped to have a rest, but the past six months with his time together with HE Qing increased, only to see who he thinks very understanding companion crazy side , from morning to night is not jianjue meditation, time schedule is full , never knew pause, he can not see past several real , they invite each other to get out , but without exception, gave rejected , the reason is two words , master, round trip . Directed at which shares a competitor, HE Qing in the end still have days than he advanced a three-story pavilion , so that he had lost two of gambling regulations , but the gambling regulations he did not care how the , lost they lost , the moment they put nine Yao G gold jianjue taught hE Qing , who knows that way actually helped himself a favor , before he is a man groping this door jianjue , no one can discuss , teach hE Qing after they give more than one can be with him jīng research jianjue people, and hE Qing Kendo basis to be higher than him too much , two of the mutual help, Yao G gold in nine of the practice on both jianjue by leaps and bounds , hE Qing already successfully mastered the first three style , he is already the fourth type has small achievements , such as six months there this progress, which was placed before him to think about . " Nearly a majority , flat rì where players who are not afraid to come out onto the scene , and I can not because the Court took all day on the arrogant achievement points , but the real battle of wits than flat rì learn , a negligence yīn ditch can capsize , everything needs to be careful . " seeing the majority of nearly Chen three mood is becoming more and more relaxed, a majority did not previously thought of when the tension and this is his big time Daoxing into the reasons, but the increasingly sophisticated heart xìng also a factor to be reckoned with , Feng Zhe once praised him, Rain or shine , fate not , true gentleman during this time he also Daoxing rapid progress , not only nine Yao Geng Revenge jianjue tactic successfully mastered the fourth type of jianjue , it is the red sun really breaks seventy-two seed charms opt to upgrade to thirty-five heavy ban , only one step to reach thirty-six heavy ban Xiaocheng state, derived from the magic power of a lot stronger than before , it relied on these spells , and now he can play against the short and Qing He does not strive , trying out the power of no less than nine Yao G gold jianjue poor on how much , if that is different, this is no way jianjue offensive Safe, of course, nine Yao G gold jianjue now he is just getting started and failed to comprehend its jīng marrow, based on what is strong or both Dharma weak , and sometimes really hard to say . Chiyang true character can progress so quickly , but in reality but also thanks to swallow scallops , if not only animals throughput aura of the supernatural , he wanted to be so soon elevated to red sun really breaks this level now need to spend at least several times of the time, of course, the effect of poly- Ling array also contributed , and for this reason , but no less clouds Sunrise in front of him was Joseph . Shortly after he returned to Mountain Sunrise clouds will break through to the level of refining Gang , supernatural pressure on him a faint , Lian Gang spirit level already spiritual body can make some unique spells, although the enemy to deal with slightly less than the same order , but to deal with him this attentively monks still enough , that time he may not be the aunt nǎinǎi little frustrating, but fortunately they were the aunt nǎinǎi have new interests , before the attention away from him . He Ping rì in their own practice to be busy , this golden-winged albatross tuning things have to be responsible for cloud Xi , who reveal themselves on the understanding they reveal him to be much higher than the layman , and the true Blood for KUNPENG how to use , but also skilled than him , but rare is the cloud Xi itself is also very interested in the matter , in that case , he 'd be happy to idle, doing nothing directly to do a back dispensers . Chen Feng Qingyang three back , they heard a high-pitched cry eagle , a golden light to penetrate the clouds he could feel , suddenly it appeared in his vision , Chen three laughed , then physique that is already on only Golden Eagle 's back , laughing: " Jie , a few rì gone, another black guy progress ah , it seems that no long in relation to the level of the mid reach your breath ." lazy lying cloud Xi Golden Eagle broad back , this hawk had only about half the height , but after Kunpeng true blood purification , and now a full grown tenfold body , wings unfold long enough to have Shiyu Zhang , back wide comparable to a small hill , standing above Rulvpingdi , but this guy had a black feather , now also have been replaced with glittering gold sè feathers, but this feathered eye color sè too flash , Chen three instead I liked it, he saw the dog when rì Although gold is gold sè winged albatross feathers, but the hair is showing restrained sè dark gold sè, rather than that other can blind the human eye blinking lights gold sè, this and other dazzling gold sè not only tacky, but swagger, Chen three every time I see this guy can not wait to multi- coated sè color , the surface of the lid down until the color sè good . However, according to Yun Xi said, this is the lifeblood of the golden-winged Dapeng continues to inspire signs , such as golden-winged albatross once the lifeblood of fully activated , but black can use full control of this force , this layer of bright gold natural the sè will dim down into the kind of restrained dark gold sè. Chen three glanced around , frowned and said: "Let this go ? Noticing went outside to peak ? " " Take you to a place, I was there to see some good things, you will like it . " cloud Xi lazily rolled over and two fat generally like jade lotus feet in front of Chen three straight swinging, see Chen three burst of vertigo, and then moves to the next finger and said: " To see it, is here . " Chen three looked down and , immediately blindsided, cried: " Hold on, you bring me here to do , here is Zhao Shishu elixir medicine garden planted , the following are all his darling , do not you would want to steal his medicine right ? "" Really ? this is something you Shishu ah ? but this time we were rì have eaten a lot, and have not seen someone out to get us , ah, I have that is not the main thing yet. " Xi toward the downside of a cloud , then it does not matter , said Chen three while silent , threw your hands up and said:" Sister , that is my go Zhao Shishu herbs , and has not been back to the mountains but I tell you, to begin immediately martial majority , maybe he will come back in two days old , to the time the head if he found you both , and I can not hold you . " " Do not worry , we do very clean , to ensure that no one discovered , black , down . " Yun Xi hehe smile , got up and patted the shoulder Chan three , followed by whistling loudly, then suddenly leaned over black washed down , and instantly it close to the medicine garden , cloud Xi Su waved his hand and a red rush out toward drug Canada Goose Men's PBI Chilliwack Bomber Parka plot a brush , then brush go where no small one , followed by whistling loudly, black sky again , then gone away from the medicine garden . Chen three stunned to see these two guys meet is called a clever ah, a series of processes as graceful, and fast , the whole process is nothing but a blink of an eye thing , until he react when these two guys already succeeded , and down it is no wonder cloud Xi will be as confident on this steal the drug speed , keep the medicine garden alone, that young boys , how could resist . "This time you are both so dispensary ? God, that you brush a large, so many days in the end how much brush ? Zhao Shishu back not freak strange ." Chen Yun Xi Doushou between three looked thrown half the height of a stack of herbs , can not help but burst gripped , he has even seen in the near future , his Zhao Shishu rage, lift the entire Asamoto peak over the scene . ( To be continued .
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