Yan Zi/Gonzalez took the lead in establishing

October 04 [Fri], 2013, 11:38
Li Na and Rodriguez began in mid-August to cooperate at the tennis tournament in Cincinnati, taking part in the first leg of the race won the final Championship (final beating Korbel). Then China open, Li Na in the women's singles semifinals harvest Turkey Istanbul year-end finals qualification, tennis championship in Shenzhen after the new year, Sydney tennis tournament played in the women's singles semifinals. A series of performance to argue that such cooperation is effective. Li Na 6-4/6-1 win Costia, strong through to the women's singles, fourth round. She has driven Germany name Goerges. In today's match, Li Na is suddenly seen problems ahead, as if she's playing is not as stable. But as soon as she opened the invincibility of their own patterns, I'm afraid no one can defeat the Chinese sister.

The first game, Yan Zi/Gonzales started quickly to the State, the second is forced out of two break points, while Austria group trying to save one, but Yan Zi/Gonzales cashed the second break point, won the 3-0 leading after the first to break. After each in the eighth, pasizeke/Pea crucial service game, although Austria groups struggling to save two counts, but Yan Zi/Gonzales resisted pressure at critical points, again after the break with 6-2 head-start. nike blazer low sale The first set took 23 minutes, two to the combination of the individual sends out ACE ball, 1 double faults 1 remember, Yan Zi/Gonzalez winning leading 8-3, 6-11, non-forced errors to dominate. Losing entered office after Peng shuai was quite low, in the course of an interview, and at one point tears on the spot. "I felt there was a play in the middle is not particularly good," in referring to the game-why stalemate quickly turn into a slump from the first disk, Peng shuai had shown frustration, "especially after the 5:5 that held his own serve, I followed a 1 double faults, and then there's a lucky net ball with her score. "Peng shuai refers to these two really became a turning point in the match. Talked about after the game back in the lounge with what coach Ma Wei opening exchanges, Peng shuai was stopped for two seconds, then have been significantly says with a kuqiang, "he stood there for 10 minutes without a Word, I have no idea what's going on. "nike blazer low woven sale At this point, Peng shuai brush tears fall down, so she took a towel over his face, just after the judge, Peng shuai continues with the coaches talk about," the reason I do not think that the ball, maybe we had some problems. "When he had said these words, Peng shuai was unable to control with his head buried in a towel and wept.

Second set, Yan Zi/Gonzalez took the lead in establishing superiority, the eighth seed in the first game have equally tough, followed it up using opponent's mistake to achieve the second break, neither broken nor won the 3-0 advantage. Pasizeke/continuous to love game to complete the Pea, and Yan Zi/Gonzalez stands the opponent back pressure twice and later with 5-2 leading into the opponent not insurance cannot serve. The eighth, when Yan Zi come to the net to force a match point, Pea is then blown save to win in a crisis, the score to 40-40. One key point, Gonzales volley hit, Yan Zi/Gonzales once again break 6-2 settled the 2-0 aggregate win victory over competitors advancing to the second round.
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