The steel bar lengthens by joining

May 08 [Thu], 2014, 9:57
According to the design requirements, this project diameter ≥18 steel bar first uses the machinery to lengthen by joining, the sleeve extrusion connection technology, other steel bars lengthen by joining, mechanical rebar splicing horizontal muscle [3]
Welding request
The steel bar welding divides into the pressure welding and the melt welds two forms. Pressure welding including flash welding, resistance spot welding and pressure gas welding; The melt welds including the arc welding and the electricity dregs pressure welds. In addition, the steel bar with buries the T shape attachment the welding should in advance to use buries the arc voltage strength to weld, also available arc welding or perforation plug weld, but welding current not suitable big, by against burns the steel bar. [4]
Flash welding
The flash welding widely uses in the steel bar connection and the prestressed rinforcement and the screw end pole's welding. The hot rolling steel bar's welding rebar mechanical coupler suitable first uses the flash welding.
The steel bar flash welding (is causes two section of steel bar contacts using the butt welding machine, through the low voltage heavy current, waits the steel bar to heat up changes after certain temperature soft, carries on the axial compression heading, forms the butt joint.
The steel bar flash welding craft commonly used has the continual flash welding, the preheating flash welding and the flash - preheating - flash welding. RightWLevel steel bar sometimes after welding also carries on the circular telegram heat treatment.
Arc welding
The arc welding is causes between the welding rod and the weldment using the arc welding machine has the high temperature, the electric arc causes the welding rod and in the electric arc combustion scope weldment melting, waits its coagulation then to form the welded joint or the attachment, the arc welding widely uses in the steel bar attachment, the steel bar skeleton welding, the assembly type structure attachment welding, the steel bar and steel plate's welding and each kind of steel structure welding. The steel bar arc welding's attachment form includes: The joining soldered splice (the one-sided welded joint or mechanical rebar splicing two-sided welded joints), help the strip soldered splice (the one-sided welded joint or two-sided welded joints), split the mouth soldered splice (flat welding or stand weld) and the melt trough help the strip soldered splice.
a) lap welding; b) helps the strip to weld; c) stands welds splits the mouth to weld; d) the flat welding splits the mouth to weld
The weld joint quality testing besides the outward appearance, must sample performs the pulling test. If the butt weld quality has the suspicion or the discovery unusual circumstance, but may also carry on the non-damage survey (X-ray, Bar to Bar Connections Gamma beam, ultrasonic testing and so on).
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