New upgraded 2188w 18" HD digital screen mobile DVD player home dvd player

December 15 [Tue], 2015, 18:19
A memory, let a person warmth forever; A mileage, an unforgettable forever; Some trifles, make the person touched forever. Parents' love, like a
Whereas the fresh air, in my world. Listen to a radio, sent me to parents of a missing. Thanksgiving parents, moved house
Eagerly anticipated by his people, no longer let parents sast machine theatre in China, parents' best gift! Parents are worried about life journey in the deepest, the home is
Life in the ocean forever harbour. A bit slow you busy footsteps, bring home the filial piety!
Function is introduced:
Intelligent remote control, take a good care: intelligent remote control keys to a key, say goodbye to the traditional complex key, the old man's exclusive space, follow one's inclinations
Power off memory, intelligent shoot: support memory power play, play the midway stop, press play button can stop from the department continues to play
A key GuanBing, saving energy save electricity, in use process zhongtong pass screen function to save electricity effect, standby time is far more durable.
Excellence, extreme care: at the bottom of the fuselage adopts advanced anti-skid pads, in the process of using any Angle, tai shan, more worry.
Designer, honeycomb holes: on the back of the fuselage adopts honeycomb holes design, from the hand of the teacher, for you are not the same honor.
Hidden antenna, the transmitter: no not radio antennas, antenna fuselage adopts concealment type design, save a space, and freely, and perfect.