and now all the way followed and call personnel

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 17:17
The Foshan Daily News reporter Chen Huipeng Photography reports: Yesterday afternoon, a male cleaners in Chancheng Oriental
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City wall cleaning operations, accidentally dropped platform. Fire dispatched a ladder truck to be rescued, the injured man was subsequently

taken to hospital.

According to Hing Ning Road parking charges introduced by the Rapporteur, yesterday afternoon, the two men in the exterior wall on the 5th

Floor, Block D, Diamond City clean-up operations. Visual reporters, nearly 20 meters high from the ground of the building, 5th Floor, in the

location of the two top of the building with a tempered glass platform, about 10 meters high from the ground.

Eyewitnesses, 14:45, a male sling another male landing in glass platform process, not fasten the seat belt strapped to his body is suspected,

men fall in half landed glass platform.

Another security, told reporters after the man fell to the glass platform, the entire people could not move. The roadside security and

parking toll collectors have called the police, and soon the City Hospital ambulances, but medical staff can not go to the glass platform

rescue. Subsequently, the firefighters cheap nike air max 24-7 uk trainers at the scene, the tower ladder car, and the medical staff to bring a glass platform. The

injured man was suspected by a doctor to determine the initial lumbar injuries.

According to a female worker to disclose the scene, the injured man surnamed Wu, 40 years old, is one with class in charge of a cleaning

company. The security the Foshan Daily News reporter Chen Huipeng correspondent is, Xucheng reported: modified car all the way to the roar of

vehicles parked on the roadside sounded the alarm. Yesterday morning, the traffic police Guicheng, Nanhai Road, seized a suspected illegal

modification of cars.

See the Guicheng traffic police surveillance video, around 8 o'clock yesterday morning, Nanhai Avenue traffic intensive. Suddenly, the white

car left a Guangzhou grades to wear the right plug speeding traveling north the Foping junction Avenue in the South China Sea. Upon seeing

the traffic police on duty, and now all the way followed and call personnel on duty intercepted at sea three junctions.

The white car rushed, Nanhai Road, Sea intersection at a red light is intercepted by the traffic police. After inspection, the traffic police

found the car according to the specified
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vehicle and driver Zhang back Guicheng traffic police squadron processing.
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