Detect lithium electric bike's overall performance

May 21 [Mon], 2012, 15:45
The reporter was informed, organized by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Chemistry and Physics Power Industry Association and other departments, "energy saving, green travel" as the theme of the China International Electric Bike Rally and the First Tianjin electric bicycle track race will be held in May 27the city water droplets Stadium.

Reporter learned yesterday from the organizers held a news conference after nearly 10 years of development, Tianjin has become the nation's largest electric vehicle production and sales base in an efficient, safe, environmentally friendly lithium battery electric vehicle, characterized by R & D, production ranked the forefront.

According to Mao Huanyu, person in charge of the activities of one of the organizers of BAK International (Tianjin) Company, the event aimed to the entire industry and social advocacy, dissemination of low-carbon, harmony, health, fashion, "the concept of industrial development, so that the" energy-saving emission reduction and green travel "philosophy of life is more popular. The event will mileage, endurance, climbing, too unilateral, Slalom and other procedures to detect lithium electric bike's overall performance and endurance to enable the public to learn more about electric bicycles.

In the past two years, Tianjin electric vehicle production, sales accounting for about 40%. 2010, total production of electric bicycles more than 2900 million, Tianjin has produced more than 1,300 million. The city also took the lead in promoting the production of lithium battery electric vehicle research and development.

In 2011, Tianjin production of lithium battery electric vehicles nearly 300,000, accounting for a quarter of the total production. Currently, the city from the lithium battery electric vehicle R & D to production are located in the leading level.

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The relocation of the direction of the industrial park for the central region and the provinces

May 21 [Mon], 2012, 15:40
From the environmental protection department last year to strengthen the environmental remediation of lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery industry set off a relocation tide, and relocation of enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, the relocation of the direction of the industrial park for the central region and the provinces.

Has been the lead-acid battery industry access threshold is low and lax supervision, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have chosen in the neighborhoods near the factories.

Carpet last year, nationwide environmental investigation, more and more companies realize that in order to survive for long, and bigger and stronger, it must comply with national environmental policy, to improve their environmental equipment and empty safe protection zone, which forces the retained companies have to move in on the agenda.

The battery business is more concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang region part of the small and medium-sized lead-acid battery enterprises have started to relocate.

Relocation of the battery business in two directions: one is where the enterprise development zones or industrial parks, but in general the higher threshold, such as Shandong, most parts of the requirements of the annual output value of 500 million yuan to be eligible to move into, Zhejiang, Jiangsu requirements are higher, such a high threshold will shut out many small and medium; Jiangxi, Hunan and other central regions, on the one hand, some companies have chances to avoid the stringent environmental protection examination and approval, on the other hand, the battery location to raw materials from refined lead to closer focus.

"12" since the provinces and cities have introduced a series of prevention and treatment of heavy metal pollution measures, recently, Jiangxi implementation of the new ring score-level examination and approval system, the provisions from June 1, lead-acid batteries, non-ferrous metal smelting, electroplating and other industries new construction, renovation, expansion and transformation project approval rests with the provincial environmental protection department.

Shanghai Metals Market (SMM) that is very cautious around the lead-acid batteries projects, environmental protection failed enterprise like a rat crossing the street, everyone shouting.

Environmental protection, but off, hide, such relocation Dream "is bound to be broken. Corporate relocation of pollution do not go hand in hand, enterprises should have a social responsibility to long-term development.

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Hybrid temporarily in China officially put into operation

May 21 [Mon], 2012, 15:38
April 27, the world's leading technology and services supplier Bosch Group announced in Beijing in 2011, the Bosch Group's consolidated sales in China reached 42.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%.

Bosch China the results of steady growth, thanks to the excellent performance in China three business: Automotive Technology Bosch's largest business sector in 2011 to create sales of 24.9 billion yuan, an increase of 7%, again higher than average growth of the automotive market; due to the manufacturing industry to upgrade and infrastructure to speed up a series of market demand, the Industrial Technology business is the strongest growth momentum in the last year, an increase of 28%, sales reached 10 billion yuan; addition Consumer Goods and Building Technology business to continue to maintain the momentum of steady development, sales increased 18 percent, reaching 7.3 billion yuan.

After the release of the above results, the International Business Daily reporter interviewed the Bosch Group Managing Director, Asia-Pacific region is responsible for the centenarians Sai Ke and Mr. Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. President, Dr. Chen Yudong.

International Business Daily: We note that since last year, the growth of China's auto market is gradually stable, many enterprises will face a Ebb Tide. Bosch in China's development strategy will be adjusted in such market conditions,? How to adjust?

Yu-Dong Chen: We do not exist the problem of the adjustment strategy, because we have been to provide customers with good service, regardless of customer size. But this is not to say that we have the same scale of investment in projects of all sizes. Our choice of projects will be very professional, careful calculation of inputs, outputs, and risk. So far, many small car manufacturers use our technology. Our R & D can be applied to many off-the-shelf technology to reduce costs, to avoid possible risks, so we do not worry too much turmoil. To the current situation of the automotive industry in China, about 80 percent of the business concentrated in the top 20 customers in the Chinese market concentration is relatively high. Therefore, we still adhere to the current development strategy, and did not make major changes.

International Business Daily: In China, new energy products is probably when equipment in the car?

Yu-Dong Chen: Most of the projects we undertake are not "demonstration projects" are generally put in the commercialization of products in the market. We are fully commercial products to R & D and investment, the first product should be put on the market at the end of this year or next year. Fully applied to the production of products should be put in the first half of 2013.

Ke Rui World: worldwide, Bosch and 13 automobile manufacturers, joint projects, more than 20. Our first appeared in the street cars, Porsche's hybrid vehicles, in addition to Peugeot's diesel hybrid products. In the next three years, the number of Bosch products will be greatly improved. For electric vehicles, now the biggest challenge is in the battery. The battery problem is too big, too heavy, too expensive, not enough travel, this is a worldwide challenge. In addition, within the city limits, we need to do is a battery of standardized, to ensure that our investment returns could further enhance the unit costs to decline further. In 2011, the German government and the Chinese government signed a memorandum of understanding, mainly on our battery and electric vehicle technology. China and Germany through joint co-operation to accelerate technological breakthroughs in this field.

International Business Daily: the Bosch Chinese company has been to seize new opportunities, new aspects are worthy of your input in the Chinese market, can bring profit?

Yu-Dong Chen: automotive business, Bosch currently has three large plate.

A clean technology-related products, which includes many aspects. In China, our company is the first domestic production of gasoline direct injection control system including nozzles, controllers.

Second, the security-related products. We hope that the loading rate of the ESP can be a breakthrough and progress. This year we developed for the mini-van the ABS / ESP products, this is very beneficial for the Chinese automobile and road safety.

The third is to improve the comfort of the product, the automatic parking system on display at the show, as well as a new instrument panel and automotive multimedia systems, we are doing very well. Two days ago announced the us and 奇瑞埃泰克's joint venture company, was also in the automotive multimedia systems, products, and these will bring more business and turnover.

In conclusion, we do the three products are very suitable for the needs of the automotive industry to provide a good foundation for future development.

International Business Daily: Future electric cars may take a long time in order to popularize hybrid, Toyota has to enter the Chinese, including the establishment of R & D center in Changshu, in addition to the powertrain plan. What is the business of Bosch hybrid? Amount about how much? The risk of how to control?

Yu-Dong Chen: Currently, Bosch's hybrid products in the global market put many manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Bosch products. In China, we have the power electronics, motors and other related products and control technology.

The same time, we also offer electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid technology. In Suzhou, we do a brake energy recovery system. In the industrial layout, hybrid temporarily in China officially put into operation, our continued investment. We hope to put into production later next year, the amount can increase, specifically how, but also the policy of government support.

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One is a high-powered condenser power

May 21 [Mon], 2012, 15:31
The reporter has learned that the 8th International Conference on Concentrating Photovoltaics Systems Conference April 16-18, 2009 in Toledo, Spain was held in-depth discussion of the concentrator technology development, performance and market efficiency.

Concentrator photovoltaic refers to the aggregation after the sun by the high conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells directly converted to electric power technology, has been widely used, is considered to be the future development trend of solar power generation technology. The high-powered photovoltaic concentrator technology first appeared in the 1980s, the industry began to form in 2005, 60 enterprises and research institutions around the world involved in the industry, China has initially formed its own technology.

Ju Heng solar-founder and CTO Wang Shitao IEC International Standards Committee meeting after the General Assembly of the concentrator photovoltaic system as an International Electrotechnical Commission Photovoltaic Energy Commission concentrating PV Standards Working Group, on behalf of Chinese companies raised the motion of the two concentrator photovoltaic international standards.

One is a high-powered condenser power unit design and setting standards, provides for high-power condenser of the power generation unit and the acceptance criteria, as well as the foundations of the tracker, the system wind-resistant design, spacing, design and other requirements. Another proposal content to flat tracking accuracy and test methods for solar tracker, solar tracker plane tracking precision instruments and equipment, sample preparation, data processing and test reports. At present, high-powered condenser power plant construction, and acceptance criteria, and the tracker accuracy standards in the international arena in a missing status. The two motions put forward to fill the vacancies become the standard support for the construction of high-power concentrator photovoltaic power plant.

As of the beginning of this century, the international standards published by the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission nearly 20,000 Chinese enterprises to participate in the development of only 20.

Poly solar constant of two proposals is based on high-powered condenser technology in the development of China's reality and, as a drafting unit will contribute to the promotion of high-power condenser technology in China and even worldwide, and the promotion of Chinese condenser Enterprise participation competition in the international market with a certain sense.

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Panasonic just announced on May 10

May 21 [Mon], 2012, 15:16
Panasonic plans today (2012) during the year of their own R & D smartphone with multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) "ALIVH (AnyLayerInterstitialViaHole) per month could be amplified 80%, and plans will design of ALIVH / production technology available to Taiwanese and mainland China PCB makers in order to take in 2015 ALIVH global market share from the current 20% increased to 5 percent level, to become the industry standard.

According to reports, the Panasonic just completed in the near the Vietnam ALIVH plant with monthly production capacity of 3.5 million units (conversion to the number of smart phones; hereinafter the same) capacity, plus capacity expansion project of Taiwan plant, it is estimated by the end of 2012 PanasonicALIVH month production capacity can be increased to 10 million units since the end of 2010 level of 1,800 million units.

It is reported that Panasonic has to provide ALIVH production technology to two PCB factories in Japan and abroad, and is also working with 2-3 sets of Lu PCB factory for technical consultations, technology can act as charge ALIVH career expectations by revenue royalty (on a royalty free). According to reports, the largest ALIVH characteristics of its area can be 25% smaller than other manufacturers of multi-layer PCB.

Panasonic currently has two ALIVH factory in Taiwan (which are located in the City, Taipei County and the District, Taoyuan County, Dayuan Township), the total monthly production capacity of 6 million units (and plants and large garden plant is 3 million units); ALIVH plant in Taiwan the smart phone maker HTC (2498), one of the major supplier.

Panasonic just announced on May 10, has developed a PI film (polyimide film; Polyimidefilm) as the basic material of the PCB mass production technology, production by the amount of technology can be best for smart phones multi-layer PCB ALIVH "become thinner, lighter to achieve the requirements of the smart phones and other mobile devices smaller, thinner and lighter. Panasonic will take advantage of these new mass production technology, production PCB called "ALIVH-F, and its thickness (stack of 8 layers of PI film) only 0.37mm thin the current ALIVH products by about 30%, reduce by about 35% weight.

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Smart TV sales account for a substantial leading Chinese domestic brands

May 21 [Mon], 2012, 15:13
Following computers, smart phones and tablet PCs, Lenovo again to expand its business territory, has launched the world's first Android4.0 operating system smart TV, declared branched out into the smart TV market. However, despite the profit in the smart TV market still is not easy, but China Smart TV market competition remains fierce, more than local brands, many international companies such as Apple, Google, have long been the layout.

As early as 2010, Google had launched GoogleTV and launched several flat-panel TVs. Chinese manufacturers such as Lenovo, Hisense launched the Smart TV. However, due to the TV product development focus in the past almost all of the panel technology, and then slowly transition to the other hardware specifications; However, with the rise of smart TV is no longer confined to the hardware specifications, software, services also become important one of the factors, the traditional TV providers stuck. Coupled with the problem because when the network bandwidth, standards, intelligent TV has been in the speculation stage.

However, the major IT vendors find opportunities, smart TV market in China ushered in the explosive growth with the addition of these IT companies. Changhong, Hisense, Konka, TCL, Haier, Sharp, Samsung, LG and other domestic and foreign manufacturers have launched 3D TV. According to DisplaySearch, the result of intense competition, the speed on the technology evolution and even faster than the European, American and Japanese market.

Smart TV sales account for a substantial leading Chinese domestic brands due to price advantage, but with the international manufacturers gradually cut TV prices, the domestic brands in the 2012 market share fell slightly. However the IEK Industrial Economics & Research Center pointed out that the new models in China compared to Japan and South Korea is still relatively cheap, so the local brand to a leadership position in the Chinese market gradually.

China Smart TV war (2) market began warming

Early May, Lenovo the world's first Android4.0 the wisdom of the operating system TV to join the wisdom of TV war situation; on the 15th, the Chinese Ministry of public trust and the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, TCL, and the PRC, and other agencies jointly issued the "wisdom cloud the television industry recommended standard of 2.0 "; In addition, Foxconn also confirmed that is preparing the production of Apple's smart TV the iTV. These moves appear to Smart TV will become the future trend.

Smart TV in the past has been regarded as just speculation, however, Apple has finally confirmed the development of smart TV the iTV, and the products will be introduced this year news came out, the market began warming, various industry related industries as the next must compete for market. In order to accelerate the development of smart television, the Ministry of Industry to develop the "wisdom cloud television industry recommended standard 2.0" and listed several criteria, such as dual-core CPU, 8GB or more memory, external storage support 100G above, eliminating the previous Smart TV is just speculation concept.

After a period of quiet, intelligent TV technology has gradually improve, long-term layout of the smart TV market has long been local vendors in the market finally show results, Hisense, Konka, Changhong, TCL, respectively, last year launched applications each the same model to grab market share. It can be foreseen that the development of smart TV will eventually return to the home entertainment center of gravity.

In the face of Apple's menacing, how to maintain the current strengths, and come to the fore in the battle of the next market, each virtually all firms to reposition itself in a variety of methods. Such as actively looking for partners. And smart phones, smart TV is also the platform to provide services must construct a complete industrial chain can provide the services of consumer diversity and rich content. In the future, the user experience will also become an important factor in influencing consumers to buy one.

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