How to maintain marble flooring

November 02 [Wed], 2016, 10:15

Marble is a beautiful stone and a luxurious and wonderful addition to a home.

For marble floor, its characteristic is obvious, not only is hard and durable, but also has the very good beautiful sex characteristics, many family or indoor decoration adopt different kinds of marble floor. But most of the time the marble floor is very delicate, we should pay attention to the marble floor maintenance, but also for maintenance must cause enough attention, so that we can keep the beautiful sex of the floor and service life. The marble floor maintenance should from which aspects? What are the skills?

First of all, the marble floor maintenance need to clean in time.

For marble floor maintenance, keep the floor clean is the primary condition of the marble, the characteristics of this kind of material make a lot of things fall on the ground will react with the corresponding material, then seep into the ceramic tile and lead to be thoroughly cleaned inside, this will be irreparable. In particular the natural marble, there will be some gap, it is easy to seep into the interior. So, once stained, should be cleaned immediately.

Second, the marble floor maintenance need to repair the scratch in time.

Marble floor maintenance, repair is also a very important aspect of constant, most of the time, because the shoes or other something pull on it, it is easy to cause some scratches on the floor, this is very taboo for marble floor, it will affect the smoothness of ceramic tile, at that time, we can use floor wax coating on the small scratches, hard repeatedly with a soft cloth to wipe, that can have very good repair effect.

Third, the marble floor maintenance need to pay attention to avoid hard matter falling.

Although marble floor has the characteristics of solid, but in actual life, the marble floor maintenance should pay attention to avoid hard matter falling. We know that the free-falling things have a lot of power, it is really a big damage for the floor, if hard thing too heavy, it will cause damage to the floor. So we should pay attention to avoid hard matter falling.

Marble offers a luxurious flooring option that boasts of elegance and beauty. To keep it looking its best, it requires proper care and maintenance to prevent stains, cracks and scratches. Follow the general cleaning guidelines below to keep your marble looking extravagant for years.

You will need:

warm water, bucket, mop, ammonia (only if necessary), neutral PH cleaners, soft cloths, marble cleaner and/or polish.

Steps to clean the marble flooring:

1. Begin by filling a bucket with warm water.

2. Moisten a mop with the water and gently wipe it over the flooring.

3. If the floors are dirtier than normal and require something stronger than water, add a small amount of ammonia to the cleaning water.

4. Neutral PH cleaners can also be used sparingly (once or twice a year) to remove dirt and grime.

5. Rinse with clean, warm water.

6. Use soft cloths to wipe the floor dry to avoid getting water spots. A quick way to do this is to wrap a soft cloth around a dry mop and push it around the floor to soak up the remaining water.

7. If the floor becomes dull, it can be brought back to life with a marble cleaner and polish. Apply following the manufacture’s instructions.

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