Before Chinese New Year

February 13 [Sat], 2010, 13:04
These days i was busy with school and other stuffs, so have a long period of time never write a blog.
Erm... Actually i was lazy to write blog As today is Chinese New Year eve i decide to blog. i will try to blog as much as i can from now on

What have done in this two month:
1) Finish OOPG exam. I was glad that it is the same format as past year exam paper, as i only study that.
But still got two more paper to go.(HAVEN STUDYING YET!!!!!!)

2) Watching a lot of movie. And the best movie i watch is Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief. The main actor is so handsome.. i like him.HAHA.. And the move the great!!!!

3) Skip a lot of class!!!

4) Buying Chinese stuffs and new clothes

5) Watching Supernatural for season 1 up to season 3(Still watching) like their show and the actors!!!(the two brothers, Dean and sam)

6) Watching Korean show call DREAM TEAM. i love the show!!!! Inside have one called minho(one of shinee's members ) He is so so cute!!!

7) Start to like Korean song!!! Like shinee(ring ding dong), kare(Mr) an other.

8) Celebrate QY 19th birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY Qi Ying!!!!

Coming events:
1) Tml is Chinese new year..Have a lot things to eat and can get hong bao!!! haha

2)Have DSDA and Tp exam!!!

3)jap class 104 start from 1st mar to 8th mar. Time from 1pm to 5pm!!

4) Going to japan!!!!!!(i coming!!!)

5) going to chalet on 9,10,11 mar

Lastly Wish Everyone A HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!

Last day of the year2009

December 31 [Thu], 2009, 18:10
Last blog of 2009

Alot of things to blog,i will start of the 20th of Dec.

Have a family dinner
As my mom win first in 4D, so mom treat all of us dinner. We went to ZHOU KITCHEN at jurong point. We meet our relatives at 7pm. My dad went to found my grandma and grandad outside the shopping mall.Then my grandparents have already arrive and meet us but cant saw my dad. So i called him and he said he cant found the way back to the shop. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! So funny!!Then need my uncle to bring him back!!!

ZHOU KITCHEN is a Chinese buffet. There food over there is quite okay ba. But i not like at all..bcos is the desert not nice at all. But i still eat alot of them.HAHAHA!!!!! On period of time have chili crab, it quite nice to eat.

Christmas eve 24th Dec
i meet QY, ian, and ZA at orchard at night to celebrate christmas. We went to indochine for some drinks and count down.

When we wait for the seat


Next Two Drinks!!!

After we drink!!

After that, We went to cine for supper at hong kong cafa.And watch movie bodyguard and assassins at 3.15a.m. As we wait for the first bus at 6.15a.m. A fun night!!!

QY's house 28th dec
Having a steamboat at her house. i went her house first to put the steamboat things.
Then went to AMK meet other for buying the foods. After the dinner, QY's dad give us Choya to drink. And it quite nice to drink.Then have second round, ian bought vodka for us to drink.We playing a card game that ZA teach us. The game is fun. But make us drink alot. After that, ian ng and ZA went back. And only me and ian soo stay over. We sleep until 12 plus then wake up. And stay there about 3 den went back.

Pictures at QY' there..Later ask her to send!!!

END blog!!!
Happy New Year 2010!!!!


December 05 [Sat], 2009, 18:39
Seriously i hate getting lost in the middle of street!!!!!

Yesterday, i end class at 2pm. XB said she want to go to watch movie after her lesson end.But her lesson end at 5pm. So i went home first.. Then about 4 plus she msg me that want to go joey's house to play? As joey's house is at yew Tee, i take bus 178. And i miss the bus-stop and i dunnoe where the hell i am? Then the place is wulu also.. In the end, i take cab to her house.It was so ex...I really hate getting lost!!!!

After that, we went to CCK. There got fun fair outside lot one mall.We buy alot of food at there and went to void deck to eat and chatting.. And we play and take photo.. It was great time with them

P.S next time den upload the picture!!!

Change blog skin

November 28 [Sat], 2009, 22:13
I decided to change my blog skin as i like this skin better. It look better than before

Last Friday, as ian ng was sick, so we all cancel the steamboat. As i and QY nothing on that class. So we decide to go cine and watch 2012. 2012 is so great and super nice to watch. i love the movie. And the coolest part is when the Russia guy ask
everyone to keep quiet and said 'engine start'. It is so funny.

This friday, i watch Ninja Assassin. i dun know this movie is acting by Rain. I never watch his movie before, as i think that his movie not so good to watch. But Ninja Assassin is so nice to watch and i love the last part as they are killing each other.

Some pictures with Osaka student interns, Mai, Aoi and Natsui

This taken by this Tuesday, as Mai teaching us for 1 lesson. And it quite fun.
This also taken by this Tuesday.
This taken during the school tour with them.

They left singapore by th nov.. Sad..Hope to see them again


November 18 [Wed], 2009, 12:58
My Blog is dieing soon!!!haha!!
As today is e-learning day of my IS. i dun need to go school,so i got free time to
blog.i was soooooo busy nowadays.

i will start it last Friday,as the Osaka student interns, Mai, Aoi and Natsui came to
our school for a 3 weeks visit so we bring them tour around the school.We bring them SIM to have have lunch.We talk a lot in Japanese with them. After that, we bring
them around.It is so fun with them. We also take a lot of pic with them,but using
Mai's camera,so if i got them pic i will den post it.

After that ,me and QY went to orchard, and watch " My Girlfriend Is An Agent". This movie is Koren one, it is so funny.We like laughing and laughing. After the movie went to shop at FEP. We saw "Etude House" on the way. We went in, and i bought their " Cookie Blusher" and QY bought lip concealer and a lip stick. But we came back again after shopping, cos QY want their pen. And i bought something again at their shop.i
like keeping on buying things.When i reach home, i have a call from my friend. Den ......(Dun wan to write)

Yesterday, that my jap class, we wait for the Osaka student interns, Mai, Aoi and
Natsui end their class. We plan to eat dinner with them all, but only Mai is free.
It is still okay with us, den we went westmall by taking 61 bus. We went to eat chinses food that is at level 2. We all like order something the same, all the noodles. And
their food really not bad and the price also quite okay de.. We also got take pic with them but still at QY there. ian, ZA bringing Mai back to school and other went home.It is so fun with them.

Coming this Friday, having steamboat with my jap class friends..Wait for the update

school start

October 25 [Sun], 2009, 13:13
my timetable

haiz like everyday 5pm den end class.
But it still fine with me.ha!
Yup!Getting same class with joey!!
We like talking not stop, as first day of class nothing much to do..

jap class
My jap class 103 like not much change..As alot is from last sem 102..
Our new sensei for this sem is Kaori Sensei. I think she quite cute but a bit bored
only. But some of them say she is super boring..haha..
After class, we all like talking and planning abt going japan at 3.1 holidays. But going is no cheap, hope that we all can really go japan on that holidays.

This friday meeting QY after class to go town. We went to watch My Sister's Keeper.The movie is super sadi like almost cried when she died..It quite nice to watch.
After that, We went to wisma, as QY want to buy shoes.Den we went to ion having dinner, we went to the curry shop that wasn't open during the holidays!! When we
found it, it having offer $5.50 for healthy size as the usual price was $11.50.YUP!! WE SUPER LUCKY!!!! As the offer, only that day and the next day.
Their curry is very nice and they put a lot of it.YUMMY

Yesterday, is my grandpa's birthday. We went to my grandpa's house and my mom helping grandma prepare food for dinner.It got alot of food..i like eating and eating not stop.hahaha!!! After that, my aunt keep attack me and my cousie and whole famliy keep laughing and laughing..

This week

October 03 [Sat], 2009, 0:07
As i have jap class, i dun need to choose two IS modules.I only have to choose one.YA!!!Super happy!! This mean that i only need to attend first 7 weeks of lesson and i have no class at that day.And choose same class with XB. We choosing
Social Psychology. But when we choose dun have morning class le.
After that meeting QY to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and find her heels.We like going all the shoes shop at ion. But cant find nice heels. And we eating Ginza Barai's Pork Katsu Curry Rice, same shop we eat last week.

Went K-BOX with JH, the room we went in is super cold.Next to our room, they
choose de song is very high one and they quite funny.And we laugh and laugh.
After that JH went to work and i went home.

Tomorrow is mid autumn festival.
i watch the news said that tomorrow is the brightest moon at about 11.40.So hope
that tomorrow dun rain. I WANT TO SEE THE MOON.

Left about 15 days before the school term start..Time pass so fast

My Exam results

September 26 [Sat], 2009, 18:32
My Exam results:
APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMING ------------------------C+
ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 3A-----------------------B



This semester, the results quite okay but a bit bad. Math drop up by 1 grade and MPI had just pass only.But overall GPA is good..

Next thing
Choosing IS modules for next semester(the Enrolment Appointment is 30/09/2009
start at 02:00 PM to 03:30PM)
i been thinking what to choose for the IS modules
These are some IS modules that i wanted to take:
Introduction to Social Psychology
Exploring Photography
Exploring Art & Design
Basic Conversational German

P.S Remind myself never never forgot the Enrolment Appointment

i will upload the pics for 早稲田渋谷シンガポール校, 星蘭祭 in next blog


September 16 [Wed], 2009, 18:21
i not feeling good right now
yesterday night having gastric pain and vomiting...having bad stomach
But right feeling much better le

My bro went NS already 2 month

The first of NS
Dad and i going to takong and send him..
YUP!!we visit the the place and the food over there
The place is quite nice,16 people in one room..
the food over there is much better than i thought..

not much to say..dun take any photos

last thing is hope my bro the best


September 13 [Sun], 2009, 0:21
Have a great time with QY yesterday.
We like watching two movies and spending abt 4hrs shopping at far east..A tring but fun day..
Meeting QY at 11am. As the movie 'UP' starting at 11.30am. 'Up' is very touching and funny show..A old man and a child going adventure at South America that he promise his wife..he ties thousands of helium-filled balloons to his roof and float away to south america..During the adventure alot of things happen..
i love the bird the so cutee and lovely
After the movie, we went orchard ion for lunch..We eating R burger.
pictures of R burger:
lemongrass green tea and R burger(the drink is too bitter for mi)

got 'R' on the middle of the burger

We rush back to Cineleisure Orchard to watch 'Gamer'..When we reach there got a
bit late..Alr show some le.sadGamer is super cool..rate 5 star..worth it to watch..But the end is no so good.

Den we decide to go far east..We like almost went in every shop..And i bought many of things..We walk until 8 plus den eat..We went to KFC to have dinner..And we chat alot in there..

i reach home alr around 11 plus le..Great day
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