not only is Wang Chuang-tzu

June 15 [Sat], 2013, 16:26
Ge Yingxi heard the voice of put the vision to people, understanding, Wang Chuang-tzu Butler, laughed and said: "well, Wang manager busy? Okay, I just walk." He is also ready to go near said, Wang Butler is the next to go a step further, vaguely in front of Ge Yingxi,Oakley Sports Sunglasses, said: "Homura Masa, in the spring mud, as to the riverside stroll about, where the scenery can be much better than here, and peasant never seen what scenes, you this in the past, they would be scared." Ge Yingxi see this, had to withdraw the footsteps, smile slightly embarrassed, Wang housekeeper to follow him to the riverside walk, hesitated, also along the servant king meant to go. "You this servant king, Chuang-tzu I there faster than many ah, this one does not see more than before, I do not know Chuang-tzu in what way? Hey ~! Gregory house Chuang-tzu Hu is not easy." Ge Yingxi asked as we walked, said that up to heave great sighs, want to inquire about something. Wang Guanjia certainly understand Ge Yingxi wants to know what, but he never said the little prince, and young women to get out of something, which can let outsiders know, then Ge Yingxi said: "not only is Wang Chuang-tzu, Zhang Chuang-tzu is also so, no good way, say, that is a on a good point, some, a natural hard work, as did last night, home to a prepare some food, give some wine, is enough." Some hang not to live on the face of Ge Yingxi, it is clear that he is not good for the peasant household, but he can not, you Zhang Wang two Chuang-tzu rich, I ge Zhuang but can't afford to give, he also admitted that, on a good point, Hu worked even harder, particularly those who are not rent out, but is responsible for the main house. But if only so can one day out of usual several days of live, he won't believe that, well, there must be something in the plough, or this servant king why not let yourself go over there and have a look. Ge Yingxi thought that the plow, when walking along the river also toward there looked, he finally see the difference, Chuang-tzu himself on the plough go absolutely no side. "The servant king, really just so? Is it right? Is there anything else?" Ge Yingxi could not hear his servant king asked whether happy things, ask out. Wang manager smiled "Homura Jungjin is a visionary,oakley sunglasses, to tell you the truth, indeed there are other differences, in addition to these, there is, from last summer, two Chuang-tzu vigorously to buy horses, you see, Chuang-tzu is not and then pull the plow." Ge Yingxi nodded, not to say this thing, he knew the problem in the plow, others said, he is not good to continue to ask,Oakley XX META Clearance, think of looking for opportunities to get this straight, casual chat a few words, turned back. Wang Guanjia to the bridge there, see Gregory Yingxi recedes, exhalation of breath, continue to look at. Busy, ten days later, Zhang Wang two Chuang-tzu in ten days in the whole plough again, next to Chuang-tzu Gregory house will be busy for half a month to, this to see Gregory house Chuang-tzu who covet, let Zhang Wang two Chuang-tzu people full of confidence. The peasant household to see there are a lot of time available, business >
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