Not only are they

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 12:40
Full text ad free; 419th chapter tree of life cause distance tree of life more than 100 meters, meteor found some problems, because of fear of ELF queen strength, so, before going to the tree of life, the meteor let those elves before back to their position just here, so, if there is any the problem, he had enough time to deal with! Candice have guessed the meteor scruples, so readily agreed meteor that seems a bit unreasonable demands. Over time, spent nearly a magic, but the 9 genie back, took less than 20 minutes! Don't wait for the meteor et al., the 9 elves Super Master, speed up prices several times! As for Julia, is Foxe Bomber Men Sale here. Go. In 9 the elves left, a meteor told us a sound, then directly with all the land in the middle of the island. You walk around freely, but don't leave me more than a kilometer! On the island, the meteor said to Melo, this place that many restrictions, a range of 1 kilometers, he had enough confidence to the first time you sucked into chaos urn inside. Beyond this distance, although he also has the ability, but he can not guarantee the special circumstances, can be timely rescue! After all, it isn't clear! Although I don't know why the meteor limits so short, but we still nodded, the place spirit hinder, to this point, we all know. Who can guarantee that no other secret stuff! Although the meteor sketch we can move freely, but no one left, one is for your own safety, two is here because in addition to the tree of life, flat Island Lake, as well as far as the eye could see, you never see other things, no good! Rather than standing here, feel close to a huge tree of life! Kaka and Melo two people, took out the pictures of evil crystal stone, beginning around the tree of life photography. In order to off. Not only are they, other people in addition to the meteor, in here Livigno Parka the first time an island, on the tree of North Face Sale life of photography! Of course, they were not to show off, but to accept as a souvenir! The tree of life is the most important treasure of the elves gens, next time also can not see it, not even close! The meteor, spring, Dage Lisa, Ai Lanni four people have stood in the life of the tree, eyes closed, one or both hands close to the tree of life, is to concentrate on probing the tree of life. Devote oneself heart and soul to watch meteor, don Kidd, the heart feeling a bit speechless, after, Clare happened to now, just two months, he was surprised, than his previous total more than ten years more than several times! Tang Jide's promise, even his most respected grandfather, had seen the sea not Warcraft taboo! And the unicorn! There are myriad elves! Not to mention the Faerie Queen, the tree of life! Perhaps, his back and he said this, he will not believe! Fortunately, his left image, can prove himself. The whole text ad free and all this, is this looks so ordinary boy brought! Every time you think of yourself to!
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