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August 19 [Mon], 2013, 10:52
; () Oh, somebody else's pants in the car! The woman stamp foot. BMW, Gengfeng suddenly found a small pants, he picked it up, I rely on, this is the woman's pants! Oh, you keep as a souvenir! Jiang Fan laughed. I rely on, I'm not feeling this thing of interest! Gengfeng tossed out the window. You drive faster, there are more than four hours at dawn, the prison will The North Face Outlet soon find our missing, they quickly to arrest warrant issued, then the road will be checked! Gengfeng road. Jiang Fan slammed on the throttle, the speed to two hundred kilometers per hour, the car is like the phantom of the opera as hurricane. After more than two hours, fan and Gengfeng travel to Taiwan City suburb, Peter was sharp eye point beating up, this is a sign of danger. Jiang Fan immediately open the eye point perspective, found in front of Jing car blocking the road inspection, Jiang Fan immediately stopped the car, I rely on, in front of a police check jing! Don't Qinghu prison knew we escape? Jiang Fan road. Should not be so fast, will not be the BMW car young police! Gengfeng road. Well, probably, I have a look there near the trail! Jiang Fan immediately looked around, found no trail. No trail near here! It looks like we have to rush! Jiang Fan road. Rush, I'm afraid not, Jing car stopped on the road, they must set up a roadblock, we are not break the past. I think we only go back, I remember the way with a fork, the fork may go. Gengfeng road. Jiang Fan shook his head: since there are Jing vehicle, the fork should have, the plan for today only break! The brave wins meet on on a narrow path! The road roadblocks, the car hard rush in the past, I am afraid to roll over! Gengfeng shook his head. Hey, break of course is the premise, since you are a soldier, the rocket will Canada Goose Sale UK use? Jiang Fan road. Gengfeng nodded: rocket will of course, have you? Jiang Fan immediately took the universe bag, from the inside out making a Chinese rocket, took out two pieces of rocket projectile, as long as you put roadblocks to blow up on the line! Jiang Fan road. Gengfeng surprised and looked at the hands of the universe bag fan, you, you what is this bag, there can be mounted bazooka! Gengfeng surprised way. Oh, this is called Qian Kundai, can be installed under a mountain! You're ready now, we break the past! Jiang Fan road. You put the skylight! Gengfeng road. Jiang Fan to press the button, the car sunroof open, Gengfeng immediately against rocket propelled grenades through the skylight. Jiang Fan step on the accelerator, BMW car quickly opened out, a moment later, see the road stopped two car Jing, stopped the iron highway in the middle, and four pieces of stone cross in the middle of the road. BMW car out immediately attracted the attention of Jing observation, two car Jing immediately open the lamp, a Jing car with a red flag waving in zhongyng Station Road, it means to stop to check. Gengfeng, you stand up, I want to accelerate, before the car doors to obstacles, you must get rid of obstacles! Jiang Fan road. No problem, you rest assured that boldly rushed! Gengfeng road. Jiang Fan immediately slammed on the throttle, squeak, BMW Livigno Parka she out like an arrow. There Jing car also found on the opposite side of the BMW car!
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