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September 23 [Mon], 2013, 16:03

Some natural life and fate, is the common good. Unable to change. Only careful planning silly looking patience waiting for inviting attention hong kong company register.

Memory is not a personal thing, to the United States to the beautiful memories need two people face to face showing.

In this world, this season, when the sadness into climate and you I did not release their hands alone joy. We do not make the fireworks heart heavy thick drug, we only make the debris after the fireworks cool wind. We will never burn out so we forever.

Festival grand and solemn ceremony pinned all sorrow of human, startled the dust will smile, would have thought that without the presence of certain flash. See, and hold, is happiness.

Life is a road, remember not to backtrack. Memory jump that people cannot complete coherent past type, registration of company in Hong Kong and always the most instant jump past deep imprint is engraved on my heart. I feel lost, lost...

When a person is coming, you have to hide not open. Lonely like a large square, I know I again return implication infinite but he was No. I cannot afford to offend you forget, but can not afford to hide his mind

When joy becomes the center, loneliness will wander on the edge. You came to me, or I come to you. There must be a person because of experiencing a fireworks brilliant gorgeous encounter with you. When life in a moment of pause, Business Registry Hong Kong not just amazing, and cry.

Left alone in the fireworks eye staring at each other, and to feel the power and the stunning fireworks center.
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