Swing whisper

June 05 [Fri], 2015, 12:57

I like the quiet night, when everything fell silent, and I can listen to my inner monologue, alone with the memory in the rhythm of the ginkgo tree under the old slow swing swing.

Remember that day worried myself, the afternoon sun quartermaster is broken, as I don't want to go to hit the but again not stranded generally fragmented memory. That day afternoon there is no wind, no trying to forget my all blown in the wind, perhaps it never has to the courage, I several times to open the address book, Dream beauty pro hard sell is the down your number, with its potential strangeness and aspirations, after the telephone connected, there is the same soft voice with you everyday, this can let me temporarily put aside the inner strangeness. I plucked up the courage to ask you to accompany me to go out for a walk, you have always been optimistic tone agreed with me, I also adjusted in an instant my mood, don't want to throw out your own inner worries to innocent to you, but the desire to be able to under your infection, if followed your attitude to enron to face his past once.

Some people eager to boil at noisy night market shopping linger, some people are willing to in the evening breeze touch type weak willows out of riverside drunk return, but to me, whether thronged the streets, or sound of clear can smell the tree-lined trail, there are so personal with inside I will let him the real feeling of one by one, it was very good.

I'm a man love nostalgic, this article I have alone through the countless times mall, are also used a roadside flower or grass, made me feel somewhat new considerable that only can be a bit more you accompany me to mince. Before a friend said to me, have seen things don't regret, you told me, don't complain any once upon a time, although the heart unable to hide the past pain, but I'm very approve of, because whether happy or sad Dream beauty pro hard sell, whether together or separate, between the past are our true self. I apologized to take back in his own mind roam thoughts, watching the moonlight flowing silver you calm in the face.

The passage of time let the sky appear some diablo and restructure under some rain, but my heart is not the lack of light, the uninvited guest is not much on this sudden rejection, just hope it can stay in this gentle, don't cry because it came in a hurry and then cause you I immediately dispersed. I follow you brisk pace, with the inner potential concern, for a while after my steps finally you slow down, and the rain from heaven made is silently away, like she's arrival, always between people in the world of you.

You took me to a ginkgo forest, tell me where have fun of swing, my mind suddenly has emerged three two childhood playmate pushes on a swing cycle oscillation, the images of each other with childhood naive fantasy, between advance footsteps I faintly heard the ginkgo tree forests swing swinging "tickle" sound, heart sudden burst of joy, you nobly motioned me to sit down, in that brief moment, I seem to feel the childhood within easy reach. When I give only the swing to you, I try to push by hand to help you, but still in the naive you scared. In childhood we are very far apart, also never dreamed of in a certain place to know someone; Now you plan for today Dream beauty pro, I also can share each other's memory about childhood...

Time is always in a hurry away and our memory is profound and lasting. Today, I came to this piece of ginkgo trees, alone on a swing smooth fall to the ground, I sat quietly, shaking, listening to the memory of you I whisper.
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