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> Five hundred and fortieth chapters hate the War of Resistance Against Japan indisputable (a) 19 afternoon in September 1931 in Peking, the street crowd, though still surging poll, but the majority of his face shrouded in a panic "chaos" and uneasy God "color", the street is not only God, "color" tense police more, also greatly increase the number of gendarmes dispatched patrol, whole Peking seems shrouded in a layer of pale bleak atmosphere. Www, quanBEn, cOM three trucks loaded with the Northeast Army Guard escort from Xuanwumen majestically out of six cars. Of Xuanwumen the police convoy passed, are respectfully oriented team stand at attention saluting. Because these cars police have recognized, these cars are Peking deputy commander of the Executive Office, and third cars in Peking is known Wurenbuxiao, because that is suave, land, sea, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Republic of China, northeast Zhang Xueliang Zhang Young Marshal, commander of the border Executive Office of the car. Police have already know more than a dozen cities, including Shenyang, Liaoning *** to account for the message,Air Jordan 9, because no "home", not only in the Northeast Army Peiping large and small military menfolk mood good the Young Marshal mood was very, very bad, to anyone angered Marshal unhappy, it may have to steal sheep with go. Simply, these police officers did not know at the moment is not sitting in the the Zhang Xueliang car within the "well-known" Young Marshal, but the Fourth Army Commander-in-Chief Songzhe Wu and Northern Construction Development Committee Director Gu Jingde. Song Zhewu is the opportunity this morning rushed to Peking, and the purpose of his trip, want to persuade Zhang Xueliang resolute armed resistance in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and Jinzhou. Since the report last night Songzhe Wu received Han Guang, the first telegraph and the king of Syria's intelligence agents sent back, he confirmed the incident really scheduled Song Zhewu sent Zhang Xueliang three telegraph, dictating urge Zhang Xueliang military connections with the outside forces to resist the Japanese invasion. However, the telephone, telegraph referrals to northeast ministries to action strategy towards Japan after another, Zhang Xueliang angrily mind-boggling, and Chang did not have time, also not in the mood to Song Zhewu call back. Song Zhewu helpless and so the night seen Zhang Xueliang echo, the plane had to fly to Peking, to meet with Zhang Xueliang. Union Medical College Hospital, Song Zhewu seen extreme, depressed look emaciated Zhang Xueliang. Zhang's disease is actually good, but I do not know why, and Chang did not immediately move back to his deputy commander in chief of Xing Yuan, but also remain in the Union Hospital. After the meeting, Song Zhewu eliminating the need for many of courtesy and Mandarin face-to-face, but bluntly accused Zhang Xueliang, do not resist watching occupy the moral axioms, which will help the international public opinion and the judgment of the League of Nations, but this is not only the northeast rivers, mountains ceded the Japanese invaders, but also very bad in front of people, and can even be said that the resistance behavior is completely connivance of the policy of the Japanese invasion of siding with the bully, he proposed to Zhang Xueliang remedy the situation, and take immediate remedial measures. Song Zhewu suggested to Zhang: First, the command to attend funerals of Jilin Province in Jinzhou "President" for phase immediately all military and political officials in Jilin Province, Jinzhou, led by immediately return Jilin, effective control of the military and political power of Jilin, to avoid harbor intentions of the believers to take advantage. Second, the appointment of Chang phase solely responsible for the military and political affairs of Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, the unified command of the two provinces of soldiers and civilians to resist the Japanese invasion. Zhang for relative military capability is very general, it Songzhe Wu is very clear, but now there is no more suitable candidate back to the northeast auspices of the War of Resistance Against Japan. Heilongjiang Provinces of Kyrgyzstan, a lot of general people to simply overpower Greenwood origin veterans can not by the old Zhang Xueliang suppress qualifications Manchurian soldiers. In these people, one of the most senior is currently the Executive of the Special Administrative Region of the Eastern Province Zhang Jinghui. Zhang Jinghui, word and Syria, 1871, was born in a peasant family in octagonal table, Taian County, Liaoning. Zhang Jinghui youth, followed his father Maidou Fu for a living. He was good at making friends, frequented gambling field. After the Sino-Japanese War, the Qing Dynasty ruled paralyzed state in the northeast, around the swamp coastal bases, and sometimes took the opportunity to sky. Zhang Jinghui also took the opportunity to pull a big row, to come forward and help him set up a self-defense group in the town of octagonal table, octagonal table Commerce president Zhang Ziyun Zhang Jinghui himself as militia long as the town firm well-off home-care hospital. 1901 twelfth lunar month 30, at midnight, Chang Tso-lin bandits gold Shoushan attack. Chang Tso-lin, carrying his wife and daughter to mobilize people to break out, and fled to the ginger Jiatun, then they fled to the octagonal table. Way to flee the octagonal platform on the carriage, Zhao pregnant gave birth to a boy, this is Zhang Xueliang. At that time, Chang Tso-lin would like to take this road octagonal defected in Liaonan Feng Delin. Chang Tso-lin in the the octagonal table but was Chamber of Commerce Zhang Ziyun and Zhang Jinghui stayed, because Chang Tso-lin, Zhang Jinghui duo hit it off, Zhang Jinghui octagonal Taiwan leader of the self-defense groups are willing to give Chang Tso-lin, his own doing Chang Tso-lin's deputy. Dead end, Chang Tso-lin timely help, Chang Tso-lin also from Zhang Jinghui very grateful to Zhang Jinghui abilities, after a long period of time, no matter how much Chang Tso-lin's official liters are Chang Tso-lin, Zhang Jinghui deputy. Until the first straight Fengtian War, Zhang Jinghui Zhang Zuolin entrusted with the task, play Fengtian Road West, commander-in-chief. Zhang Jinghui commanding side West Route Wu Pei-fu defeat led to the overall situation in the West Road defeat defeat the Northeast Army had the whole army returned outside the customs. Loss of soldiers off the Northeast Army within the young guard generals could no longer hold, and rushed to the attack, advocated killing Zhang Jinghui. Zhang Jinghui I do not know Chang Tso-what attitude, too scared to return to the northeast, had resident Peiping. Just homebound in Peking, Chang Tso-lin also does not much care about, such as a period of time, within the calm of the Northeast Army, he will then Zhang Jinghui get it back. But Zhang Jinghui Cao Kun bribery in the immediate after the President, was invited to serve as the supervision of the the immediate National Highway Authority, which makes Chang Tso-lin was very angry, but also from its start alienating. The winter of 1925, Zhang Jinghui due to the mother died, did not dare return to the Northeast to attend funerals, seeking sheets for phase intercede Chun-Sheng Wu, Chang Tso-lin is prospective home Funeral. Zhang Jinghui back are available on a first-Shenyang, saw Chang Tso-on cried kowtow. They begin Chang Tso-year friendship, not only forgave Zhang Jinghui, also withstood the pressure, Fengtian warlord Department Senate appointed its representatives as Chang Tso-lin, running between Beijing,Air Jordan 3 Sale, Tianjin. After 1926, Zhang Jinghui successively by Chang Tso-appointed as the army chief, Industrial General, said Chang Tso-lin, Zhang Jinghui can be described as doing everything humanly possible. 4 June 1928, with Chang Tso-lin, Zhang Jinghui return Bong Chang Tso-lin, Huanggutun was killed, to Zhang Jinghui also was seriously injured. Because and Zhang Jinghui Zhang Xueliang in the changing of the guard on the issue and contrary to, and Zhang Xueliang has always despise mediocrity Zhang Jinghui, then in the changing of the guard of the northeast, Zhang Jinghui was Zhang Xueliang sent to Nanjing, served as President of the Senate of the military featherbed. However, in East Road, before the event, under the sheets for the same people to persuade, Zhang Jinghui was Zhang Xueliang back northeast, appointed Zhang Jinghui District Executive for the Eastern Province in particular. Eastern Province in particular, is a special administrative region in the northeast of the Republic of China when, in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces inside the original region of Eastern Railway subsidiary. In 1896 and 1898, Russia through the Russian Secret Treaty "and" Luda rent Treaty, obtain rights in the construction and operation of the railway of China's northeast territory. After the founding of the Republic of China, the Northern government "gradually recover Railway subsidiary of jurisdiction. After the strike of railway workers in the Middle East in March 1920 ***, *** team lifted the railway along the Russian military armed, to take over the road works. October 31, Beijing's "government" to recover jurisdiction, the promulgation of the Special District Court in the Eastern Province Establishment Ordinance, the provisions normalized within 11 km of the railway in the Middle East under the jurisdiction of the Special District, Eastern Province, is parallel with Jilin and Heilongjiang provincial units. Areas under the jurisdiction of the Special District, Eastern Province, Harbin as the center, east of Suifenhe, west to Manchuria, south Changchun Kuancheng child. The whole area is divided into five areas, each of Let Department, Branch and police station, Police Station. Harbin is the first district, hang under the jurisdiction of the eight districts Boron thirty-six, Nangang, Majiagou Xiangfang, Gu Township Tuen etc.. Although Zhang Jinghui incompetent, but because he was a longtime Chang Tso-lin's deputy, which is still in the Northeast Army veteran prestigious, now Brigadier who in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces do not have the qualifications can Yade Zhu Zhang Jinghui. And these Brigadier are usually not mutually subordinate to each other, who have refused to accept who do not have a strong character sits ten million in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces of the Northeast Army is a mess, and will definitely be Kwantung Army by one break. Chang Tso-phase is the best candidate. Chang Chang Tso-lin, the first eight sworn brothers which Chang phase not only the most intimate, most trusted Chang phase, even sheets for phase also of Zhang Xueliang respect, supplemented by handsome, Lao Shu. Also because Zhang for relative generous man, compassionate subordinates, he is in the Northeast Army factions prestige. As phase can return to the Northeast Army of Jilin, the commander of Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, it is the best choice for the best, but also well-deserved. In fact, the Song Zhewu there a mind can not say that it is based on the memories of his past life, and now agents Hee contact Jilin both military and civilian affairs of Jilin Province Anti-Army chief of staff, will soon be collaborators. Term in accordance with the time, as phase back to Jilin to stop Hee consistent collaborators already too late, but if Zhang phase immediately go back, Jilin those unwilling to surrender to the Japanese invaders of the army will not no backbone, fighting each other. Songzhe Wu Zhang's third proposal is to immediately rebuild in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, "the government" know *** in Shenyang, northeast people. And the mobilization of troops to the Jinzhou build, in the northeast, in the Republic of China, of the Chinese nation, the Northeast Army should be sure to adhere to western Liaoning Kannai Otherwise, North China Weiyi! Fourth, the call of the Northeast Army officials in the Japanese occupation of the region and the skirmish, the military and police organization Anti-Japanese Volunteer, harassment undermine the Japanese military facilities, attack small shares of the Japanese efforts to pin down the Japanese Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and the western Liaoning offensive pace to gain time for the protracted war of resistance. In fact, Song Zhewu to to know Zhang nonresistance real reason is that Zhang Xueliang deep fear in the heart of the Japanese army. Not only was 8000 the Japanese put the killing hit the Northeast Army wits Guo Songling hundreds of thousands of anti-Fengtian soundly defeated. Zhang has always believed that the more tyrannical Japanese combat effectiveness than the Soviet, when events in East Road, the heart of Zhang's leaving too many shadows. Which is thereafter whether the military and political allowed to adhere to Jinzhou, or Chiang Kai-shek Shimono, Sun Ke and Wang Jingwei allowed in Jinzhou counterattack command of the Northeast, are Zhang Xueliang very simply rejected. No matter who command, as long as his anti-Japanese, Zhang Yigai money, weapons and bombs "medicine", and then must also central to send troops, otherwise they would have no chance. But, not to mention the national "government" weapons bomb "drug" and forces are stretched, money that is not. To know, throughout the year 1931, because of the rare floods, the annual income of the national "government" is only 553 million yuan to 683 million yuan in annual expenses of the of Nanjing "Government", the shortfall will have more than one billion. Military spending to 300 million silver dollars, but also the the Guangzhou "Government" whether Ken Babing the peace talks, or military spending also climbed people feel dizzy. In fact, the national government "fiscal mid-deficit this year because Soong and powers negotiations, successful recovery of tariff autonomy, which makes the national" government "financial growth of a great piece of, otherwise the deficit even larger. The most terrible national "government" now only a year debt necessary 200,000,000 38,000,000 yuan, that is to say, just to pay the interest on annual fiscal revenue is necessary to take up almost half of the national "government". If the place 80 years after the national "government" absolute than Greece triggered financial crisis in Europe also suffer much already bankrupt several times. To fight Zhang Xueliang the War of Resistance Against Japan, and express their support of Chang Hsueh-liang of resistance, Songzhe Wu said: he had been ordered to go to Shenyang Han Guang, the first deliveries of weapons and equipment not to return to North Mongolia, under the banner of the Fourth Army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese corps played in the Northeast, the first Siping expansion forces, and as far as possible in Siping multi stick for some time, to prevent the Japanese Imperial Army forces by virtue of the South Manchuria Railway transported to Jilin the Northeast Army Anti-Japanese War of Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces to win time sheets for integrated. The same time, the original Song Zhewu arms purchase from the northeast bomb "medicine" to Shijiazhuang, the Song Zhewu the original number was sent to Zhang Xueliang. A total of thirty thousand rifles; 800 light machine guns; mountain artillery, mortars,oakley outlet, 120; bullet 500 million rounds; 10 million rounds of artillery shells. In addition, Song Zhewu addition to the spot to the Zhang Xueliang ocean 20 million in funding as the War of Resistance Against Japan, but also to ensure that, as long as Zhang Xueliang Anti-Japanese War, later to Zhang Xueliang military support of tens of millions every year. It can be said that the order for Zhang Xueliang the War of Resistance Against Japan, Songzhe Wu has been under the original capital. Song Zhewu guarantee funded by him, to rebuild Tohoku University in Taiyuan, shelter *** northeast of the students food, clothing, tuition-free. The, originally Song Zhewu accusations some irritated Zhang Xueliang, Song Zhewu generous money out of people, weapons and bombs "medicine" to spare no effort to be ready to help Zhang Xueliang attitude of the War of Resistance Song Zhewu greatly appreciated. Immediately ...... thanks endless meditation "book club *** and a reward of" 70 strangers "book club! <
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