Sigong saw Chen Hong walk out

August 14 [Wed], 2013, 18:15
(;) nodded with satisfaction, Yao Kai emperor smiled: "since that is the case, the two love go! As for Xu Aiqing going to Liaodong, he would go with Sun Chengzong ri! The road or have a care! Your majesty, minister, resigned! Two into the opposite Yao Kai emperor Shi a ceremony, then leaning back out. Just out of the hall to Xu Xianchun, Luo Sigong Shi a ceremony, kittenish way: big, I thanked the promotion of grace! I do not know into what education? Nodded slowly, Luo Sigong smiled: this go to Liaodong, on the high road, remember to be careful. It is assigned by the emperor personally, there will likely be a mystery, and so I ask, my family to specific you at night, we go! Xu Xianchun to the Luo Sigong Shi a ceremony, kittenish way: the really is my role model, the kindness I to remember as long as one lives, I must visit at night, your humble servant. Look at Xu Xianchun's retreating figure, he Yin sighed, he did not know who is the Emperor Yao and recommend this approach. For Xu Xianchun, Luo Sigong did not like this, the Jinyiwei very spicy cruel into many, but to and Xu Xianchun put on a par with not much. Although most of the time, in order to force the attacking, Jinyi Wei will use some very hot, but it's all have no alternative against one's will. Such as attacking willing to confession, not willing to use these means of. But this Xu Xianchun is different, this seems like the same torture, every time listening to the criminal that screams, and sound is hit the bone broken ribs broken, he was particularly excited. In the guard years, life and death of much, Luo Sigong can North Face Bionic be said to be no restrictions of any kind. But for the Xu Xianchun, but Luo Sigong is not for every hour and moment. Looks very kind, always smiling, but Luo Sigong could feel, this into the inside of the Yin cold. Let feel like a snake on the same, uncomfortable. Outside stood a moment, Luo Sigong saw Chen Hong walk out, hurriedly stepped forward, pulling Chen Hong, smiled and asked: RI not see father-in-law, gas se father-in-law but more and more good, it seems my kung fu but more and more Jing deep! Smiled at Luo Sigong, Chen Hong faint: Luo into, I was just a eunuch, Luo into know our rules, wanted to know what Canada Goose Vest Youth Sale the emperor even! You know I won't say, so you don't ask, lest hurt the face. Smiled and shook his head, Luo Sigong smiled: father-in-law said, who do not know the man you? For the upright and outspoken, that is the north face sale emperor a red, I will not discuss that boring. But now I RI got a power law, is very high, is dedicated to the emperor. But I did not know this method is true or false, so have a look to let father-in-law! Is? I really did not expect o o! If that is so, the Luo into the take out! We have a look! Although Chen Hong is not greedy for money, not greedy for power, but for the martial arts stuff is the most interested. Hear Luo Sigong say so, not by asked hurriedly. Look around, Luo Sigong in his arms, took out a book and handed it to Chen Hong, and whispered in the net
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