Asked academy acceptance if we ask the adolescent generation

March 09 [Sat], 2013, 18:27
Asked academy acceptance if we ask the adolescent generation, a lot of of them do not apprehend the newspaper, nor apprehend a magazine, a lot of of the time on the Internet .... This is a Chinese Internet appropriate a place. "It is account advertence that in China for added than bisected of the users own Women's Reebok ZigTech Shoes blog, not so abundant in the United States. "Dr. Lee acicular out," I anticipate you all know, in China, if you wish to address a book or do a reporter, appear an article, it is a actual difficult affair to what the final issue., What anchorman admittance it, and so the action ... but microblogging and blog of this affectionate of technology, it accompany a huge account to the user is to accommodated the admiration of the Chinese humans wish to accurate their views. Because anybody can do the reporters, if you address a blog or microblogging then.

"Microblogging is a acceptable admission to information." Dr Lee said microblogging up, anybody went to the microblogging up, and even a lot of humans say, 'Today I accept not on the aperture I await on microblogging to Mens MBT Shoes Sale Online access all the information. '"because the humans you trust, and who they trust, they allotment the affair will accord you ... So the aperture has been boring microblogging replaced a. "

Speech, Dr. Lee is decidedly talked about China's Internet gave bearing to the moment "hottest" writer, idol, songs and acknowledged book, the a lot of archetypal archetype is Han. He said, this did not go to academy "boy next door", appear in the online blog "Angry Adolescent Men", has become China baronial aboriginal acknowledged columnist - which is attenuate in the United States or added countries.

"These acknowledged Internet abnormality Reebok ZigTech Pulse Mens Shoes instructions are generally from the grassroots to change the world, rather than from high-end to change the world." Dr. Lee believes that this is a huge aberration in China and the United States. "The United States is a country afflicted by the high-end." He said, "New York Times or The Wall Street Journal" are actual affecting high-end cavalcade reporters address what humans will believe, broadcast Then, quickly, in this high-end of one percent will affect the appulse of fifty of ten, boring association as a accomplished are acceptable to be affected. "In China, admitting the high-end there, but not a" grassroots " so abundant influence.
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