NBA basketball is the love in my mind... I'd like to comment.

May 09 [Thu], 2013, 11:34
Shouldering what load? jerseys china..Shooting the ball more?....I'm sure that's just killing him to do that, now all of the bandwagon fans that used to call Westbrook a ballhog are crying now because he's hurt, that's a real jerseys online

Durant can't do it all jerseys cheap No one man can do that in the playoffs for any team. There are players on the team that are capable of stepping up and putting big numbers on the board. They just didn't do it last night. Ibaka has been the biggest letdown for me. He's a great player, but since he missed that put back in game 5 of the previous series, he's just been ineffective and inaccurate. Fisher was great, but again, it takes a TEAM. Brooks is doing a horrific job on the coaching end.Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys Perkins needs to be benched until he starts playing better. Why stubbornly leave him in the game when he's stinking it up? And too often, when someone gets on their game, they get benched. No logic, bad coaching, and I'm normally a huge Brooks fan. Certainly not for the time being. The best group against the Grizzlies has been Durant-Fisher-Martin-Jackson-Collison (okay, maybe not Collison the last game, but he can be switched with Ibaka).