Tramon Williams Jersey grasses will quickly release

October 13 [Sat], 2012, 11:06

he external world.Yes, after once eating two kinds of top-class fairy article medicine grasses, if not that she that ever self-discipline lead 100,000 years of body, perhaps and early have been already supported to explode. Looking at the ground in the soundly asleep small dance, in Tang San Xin but how much some disappointment, even he is actually also not understand by himself, look forward to what in the oneself's heart. Tang San really had some to lack, the right leg bone of blue silver emperor that Jordy Nelson Jersey prairie fire blew not to exert.The spring breeze blows again rare of technical ability he is still a time to experience personally.Feel up, at this time only the wound remain hemp Yang in times before.And feel very tired.Fight with invincibility, he can say is spare no effort with all strength, the means exerts.End still because is small to dance that specially and the sixth soul skill make a show of, this just moves to return to situation.Is too tired at this time under, in a hurry ate a slice Long Zhi Ye.Lay on the bed to sleep to pass by.Intuition tells him, the body needs of the instauration isn't what self-discipline can bring, only completely relax a ground of vitality and vitality that sleep just can let the oneself consume to quickly add. Tang San's judgment nature can't be wrong, although he is mankind,inheritted the mother's soul bone and Wu Hun, made him have already owned that deathless characteristic of part of and blue silver emperor.Only now he didn'tyet the ability can develop all Weis of the right leg bone of blue silver emperor and fight today, again not is proceed from in great quantities blue silver lawn to escort in.So the tired feeling would be thus strong. Just got in to sleep status, on Tang San Shen started sending forth a light layer blue light.This is the signal that the blue silver emperor sends out by oneself.The blue silver realm invisible spreads out under the ordering about of instinct.This directions isn't big, only the diameter kilometer is or so.Within the scope of this kilometer, all in plant blue silver Tramon Williams Jersey grasses will quickly release own life breathing.Infuse into their emperor Wang Ti.And their oneself can will also the catalyst from blue silver emperor's breathing, owned an evolved possibility. Doing not sleep ground for a long time is so sweet, consciousness completely sinks to immerse in the brain and throws but outward the feeling of the boundary know.Tang San's vitality with very wonderfully the speed resume.But occurrence variety of, but combine is much more than him.Soundly asleep at he nearby small dance, repair an oneself at Tang San of at the same time, the variety also starts becoming more and more big. The body that white fog covers with around and continuously appears a slice of film unreal image, because of having white covering with of fog, this unreal image has a liking for to not obvious.Can ambiguously see, that is personal form unreal image.Snow white skin, black hair. Fog spirit in white continuously releases, gradual of, the whole rooms all