Michael Jackson the Legend With No Ending 

May 06 [Thu], 2010, 9:56

"We want to show them the joy they had never seen before ". This is what MJ said at the rehearsal shown in the movie trailer.MJ devoted his life to the pop music industry, not only the reputation of pop music but also the huge success in commercial operation, MJ is worthy of the name of "The King of Pop".From [Michael Jackson: this is it", the audience can truly appreciate MJ`s wish to bring about a new experience for everyone, so that everyone will be immersed in the art atmosphere led by him.From this statement, people can also see the relentless pursuit of MJ on pop music career.The Scratch of free link directory Rest on Your Snob

"I am very grateful to have the opportunity to give you this moment. This is for love." , said MJ in the break of the concert rehearsal.MJ makes his deeds square with his words. This love is not only from his love of the fans, but also from his love of pop music.MJ is a person who dedicated to charity, supports the world's 39 Charity Relief Funds all by himself, maintaining the 2006 Guinness World Records in personal charity record and he contributes the most in the world contributing to charity personally;Excellent Professionals for free web directory Inspiration

"Let's do it again" is the most frequent words that MJ said to the concert performers and staff in the rehearsals, and it is also the one that MJ's fans would like to say to him. What's Welcomed now?dmozu web directory Are ReleasedMJ's contribution to to the pop music, love to the human beings and the pursuit of excellence in art, are all help MJ set an immortal monument in the world.Michael Jackson's footprint extended to every corner of the world, and his influence seeped into every field of life.Several Profits and Misconstrues of free web directory

The death of MJ could not cover the light of his soul. The great King of Pop, once again!As the symbolic figure of the world's popular culture, MJ also has won the Nobel Peace Prize nomination twice consecutively,What he did will surely be remembered by history.