This style of cheap jeremy scott panda

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 15:01
Paris jeremy scott panda Champs Terrace Avenue Spring Festival is coming Back to where to go shopping? Europe! Regular European travel routes because of the tight schedule, a lot of tourists sightseeing and shopping, "not fun" and deeply regrets.

In order to adidas js leopard cater to people traveling habits of the Chinese New Year to meet the needs of the urban population happy to enjoy the travel and shopping abroad, newspaper and UTS International Travel Service will launch a special shopping trip to a pure --- visit share in Europe. Shopping "semi-self" European fashion shopping tours purchased in Europe, combined with the "Fair" and "Share" theme designed three lines.

This trip is not a mere shopping, will not participate in a designated store, but in the process of shopping, free to experience Europes commercial, cultural taste, but also to buy back a large number of discount merchandise, some prices even higher than the domestic but also low . Paris papers cloud flower her capacity space-time seems to stay adidas wings 2.0.