Brief Introduction of Dough Moulder

March 31 [Fri], 2017, 19:11
The dough moulder is completed with patented, spring-loaded roller systems and fully adjustable side guides. These low-stress moulders handle the most difficult dough with up to 15% protein flour, as well as traditional artisan breads. With superior oven jump and a seamless finish, our versatile machines will speed up production, reduce labor costs and increase the quality of your product.

These dough moulder series posses gentle spring loaded roller system will not tear dough. It is used for moulding all types of breads and buns. This compact design, with the pressure plate underneath the machine, returns the product to you making this unit a “one person” operation. A new feature is adjustable curvature pressure plates. All plates that are 12″ and wider can be adjusted from flat to concave or to convex, to control the amount of taper formed in your products or eliminate any taper.