There are no secrets to saving your marriage

August 22 [Thu], 2013, 11:44

If you are reading this article how to save marriage, you must have a feeling that your relationship is not like before. However, the first thing that you need to do right now is to determine if your relationship is indeed in trouble. How exactly do you tell? Here are 3 signs which you need to look out for to see if your marriage needs some patching up.

1. Both of you are not enjoying each other's company any more

When was the last time you spend time with each other and did you enjoy yourselves but wished that you had been home doing your own work instead? There are couples who hardly spend time with each other because of their busy work schedule but when they do get a day to spend, they end up arguing most of the time and both get miserable as a result. Is that happening to you?

2. Both of you hardly complement each other these days

Compliments are common before your marriage but now, you hardly ever say nice things to your spouse and neither are you hearing it from your partner. You either ignore the things the other party is doing or worse, you only get criticized. Life has become very negative in your home and you wish your spouse do not see how you are dressed or what you are doing most of the time.

3. You feel relaxed and happy when your trainers australia cheap spouse is not home

You used to enjoy each other's company but lately there had been so many quarrels that you feel happier and more relaxed when your spouse is out. You get easily agitated when your partner is at home.

Do you see the above 3 signs happening in your relationship? There may be many other signs but these 3 are sufficient to indicate to you that it is time to start saving your relationship. You do not want to wait till it is too late, especially if you still love your spouse and have children in the picture. You do not want your kids to get hurt should your relationship turn sour and get beyond repairable stage. So what can you do to save marriage, starting from today? Here are 2 tips to get you started:

1. Open Communication

Having an open communication with your spouse is very important. If both of you do not speak your mind, the other party does not know that you are hurting and that can jeopardize your relationship. True love is not easy to come by so if you really love your spouse, you have to take the initiative at rekindling that love. Start today by inviting your spouse for a hearttoheart talk. Who knows, your spouse might be thinking of the same thing too!

2. Show Your Love

When was the last time you said, "I love you" to your spouse? Do not think that you are already married for many years so there is no need to express your love for each other any more. Everybody needs to feel loved and if you do not say it, your spouse does not know!

There are no secrets to saving your marriage and if everybody is willing to take the first step, the divorce rate will not be so high! If you really love your spouse and especially if there are children involved, you should not delay your actions. No amount of "save marriage tips" will be able to nike air max australia help if you do not take action!WAO MY FAMILY IS BACK AGAIN

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