Ye Ming change a suit coat

December 11 [Tue], 2012, 18:37
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe double chromosphere receive time ,confined within the next sixty days, Ye Ming, could not wait that long .
LU5 novel network the next morning ,the sun into the window ,restroom ,is already came wash voice .Roughly eat breakfast ,Ye Ming change a suit coat ,autumn weather days ,chilly ,Ye Ming is not afraid of cold ,wearing a trench coat ,because the reason of award .
Take ID card ,account book and a series of documents ,Ye Ming finally come up with a black head and black cap ,worn on the head ,direct out .The award is in place ,transit center ,province division ,Ye Ming from the Qing Jing City rushed there ,take an automobile to need more than six hours away .
Ye Ming classes ,because draw near graduation reasons, not so loose ,every day to school ,and the curriculum is very tight ,teachers and professors hold very strict .Ye Ming did not leave ,but directly truancy ,big deal is forever ,don intend to take part in the entrance exams .
This morning six o the figure is sparse ,Ye Ming body coat ,wearing a black hat ,it attracted some curious eyes .Clear view have a direct to the center of the province of big bar ,after a long wait ,it finally come, Ye Ming some looking up towards the center of the province on it .
More than six hours ,for Ye Ming, is not too long, if not because they do not want to be noticed ,he low-altitude jump speed ,larger than that can be much faster .For six hours ,but narrows his eyes time ,here is the noon .
After getting off ,Ye Ming directly stopped a taxi ,I Division away towards the stronghold .A world ,he came here as well ,so don strange .The taxi will arrive soon ,division ,took out the body only forty-five yuan ,Ye Mingji looks into welfare division .
Before this ,Ye Ming will have body coat and black ring head hat faded down ,because everybody knows I Division is to receive the prize place ,this early autumn is so dress up ,clearly is to tell people ,I am to receive the award .
The whole welfare division extremely broad, including dress some luxury ,bright hall hall ,now has been full of many people ,both stations in various parishes ,waiting quietly .Ye Ming from those past ,came to direct the service hall ,to one to wear high-necked uniforms woman smiled: Hello ,I would like to ask, in where can receive the double chromosphere bonus ? Sir ,I would like to ask you is the several prize ? Women occupation of laughs .
First-class. Ye Ming did not hesitate to say that out .Female figure was down ,then said : would you please show me your lottery ticket . Ye Ming sweeps out, the woman takes on the computer ,and at one time, and then test the lines of code ,the last confirmed, went out of service in the room ,said to Ye Ming : please come with me .
Ye Ming also had to guess ,such a large number of first prize ,certainly not in a building with cash ,woman over the glass texture of stairs ,came to the third floor, a sweet made Zen wood door .
Lee ,excuse me . A woman knocked at the door . Come in . The door is opened ,the Ye Ming with the woman entered the office ,the office only a black leather seats and Nast desk ,dermal seat ,sit in a middle-aged man .
Lee ,this is the 093 time the double chromosphere first prize winners . The woman said .Manager Li is office moves up, look up to the leaf inscription ,on the woman waved his hand : you go first .
The woman walked after ,Lee had said : Hello ,what Ye ming . Ye Ming said to Ye Ming light so indifferent, Lee was somewhat unexpected ,in general Canada Goose Constable Cheap,in the first prize, at least five million of the Chinese currency ,it will seem very excited ,even there are some extremely rude, Ye Ming appeared so calm ,but let him see a high .
Would you please show me your lottery ticket . Lee also used this kind of thing ,soon occupation of said .Ye Ming took the ten lottery tickets were all out ,handed the manager li . Not even play ten note ? Manager Li lengleleng .
Well . Ye Ming nodded .Five million ,it is not to let the manager Lee surprised ,fifty million ,is to let his mind some suspicion of, look to Ye Ming but also mixed with a little meaning .
Ye Ming was this look somewhat uncomfortable ,through a number of events ,he knew ,this lottery welfare agencies ,who will play tricks, like this guy is considered himself to be the internal .
Through special equipment ,the five lottery tickets are all to print one side ,leaving a backup ,then thoroughly confirmation lottery not counterfeit ,plum the manager had said: Mr. Ye ,according to a progressive in bonuses to calculate ,your total bonus is 73800000, but need to deduct individual income tax twenty percent ,your final rest the bonus is 59040000, please see bonus flow process .
Ye Ming in computer rapid browsing a lot, nodded: thank you . In fact, the computer that print stuff ,Ye Ming point cannot read ,with his lottery ticket ,even if they really have anything to do ,also not bad money .
After all ,the manager Li deeply glanced at Ye Ming, some envy said: Mr. luck is good, the luck ,but from the whole China 1600000000 people which appear ,probability is not small ! Ye Ming laughed , I hope this luck will last forever .
Ha ha ,Mr. Ye really humorous . Manager Li mouth twitched ,said to Ye Ming : go now to receive a prize? Ye Ming didn stay here ,nodded: I have to do something ,go now . All through the afternoon ,is close to four ,when Ye Ming came down from the third floor ,obviously to feel ,there are many eyes were on his body .
I know ... Women North Face Boots Cheap... Ye Ming muttered ,he now has a black trench coat and hat on the head ,although this will attract lots of attention, but no way, many people through relationship know ,to the third floor ,basic it is to receive one million bonus above .
If he still was dressed ,trouble in the future will be a lot of .Welfare Division ,a micro punch security ,no one dare in this direct hands-on .Ye Ming at the security escorted ,entered a military Cassatt ,in millions of people watched, pulled out of the welfare division .
Ye Ming sat in the back, on the way, the co-pilot seat security head laughs: the gentleman really is good luck ,i ... ... Half of his words ,voice will cease abruptly .Because of his horror that ,on one second ,but also through the rear-view mirror to see windbreaker men ,has disappeared !.
.. ... A gob ,Ye Ming will be in a trench coat and black hat straight away, she laughs: still do the most secure . Sitting in the military Cassatt ,to Ye Ming ,can clearly feel ,followed by at least five car ,if they don get off this way ,I that goes to the remotest corners of the globe Canada Goose Calgary Outlet,would be one to follow .
Go to the side of the road ,just stopped a taxi , to the nearest bank . Less than half an hour ,the taxi stopped in front of industrial and Commercial Bank of China ,Ye Ming opened the door of the taxi driver ,said : please wait a minute ,I have no money now, this will bring you to the fare .
... ... Ye Ming was originally intended to enter the bank asked anybody to borrow some money ,but do not want to go to a bank ,at the time ,just with a scent of figure bumped together .
Ah ! With a scream, the figure was moving back down .Ye Ming sees this ,figure twinkle ,quickly will catch ,reflective and asked: feel shy ,you all right ? The next moment ,Ye Ming is shocked .
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