Summer a man to take care of sunburn

June 09 [Sat], 2012, 12:05
Movement, the skin to sun and UV opportunities than ever before. Long unprotected in the sun, not only cause sunburn, swelling and peeling, but also cause the skin to age prematurely, and accelerate the formation of pigmentation.

A lot of men have begun to realize the importance of sun protection. Many brands have introduced men sunscreen use easier and more comfortable. The sunscreen is no longer the exclusive care of a woman!

Short-term exposure, washed with cold water

Only a short period of time to go out and sweat a lot, but not too much discomfort, or even in the long outside time, but the protective measures are in place, nor uncomfortable, as long as the spray water spray can.

When the skin is just hot, it indicates that in the primary stage of the injured. So, the most important thing is that the first cooling work, such as promptly washed with cold water cooling is the best way to reduce skin damage, but does not promote the use of ice deposited, because the temperature too much will cause skin damage. The temperature down, and then the normal maintenance methods, the skin will soon be repaired.

However, if only to stay outside for 10 minutes, but due to the exposure, skin itching swelling of the symptoms, we should be treated differently.

Skin exposure after symptomatic treatment:

Redness not to scratch

If the skin because of the longer exposure time, there have been itching and swelling, it is necessary to leave as soon as possible the exposure environment, and then rapidly cooling with cold water. Since this time the skin is more fragile, do not tickle a hand to scratch it, or it may cause the bacteria to take advantage of.

Skin temperature down some care, such as wiping the points aloe toner or lotion, can play the anti-inflammatory effect of sedation, but avoid the use of natural Luhuiyuanzhi, which is too high aloe vera content easy to irritate the skin, causing allergic ; can also use cucumber juice attaining cucumber juice contains vitamin C, can add moisture, but also the treatment of peeling. 10 minutes before putting in the painful area, pain can be gradually receded, and then rinse well with water on it.
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