The Cordyceps efficacy, such as mushrooms

June 09 [Sat], 2012, 11:58
Cordyceps sinensis, also known as Chinese caterpillar fungus, insects and grass combine to form. Worm Cordyceps bat moth larvae, the grass is a kind of caterpillar fungus. Summer, the insects will the eggs on the ground and hatch to become larvae bore into the soft wet soil after a month or so. The soil of a fungal invasion of the larvae in the growth of larvae. After one winter to the second year of the arrival of spring, fungal hyphae began to grow, grow above ground, to the summer look like a blade of grass. Thus, the larval shell and fungal hyphae together to form a complete "caterpillar fungus."

Experts said Cordyceps medicinal value in fact, like mushrooms, cordyceps has been something many people see very Jingui ", a large factor because it is generally produced in the alpine zone above 3000 meters above sea level, not only the number of small and difficult to pick, so matter to dilute your. In fact, Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is not a panacea, its sweet, warm. Kidney and lungs, bleeding phlegm function applies only to lung deficiency, kidney, lung and kidney deficiency caused by a variety of syndromes, the impotence of the kidney, lung deficiency and chronic cough, weak after the illness, spontaneous disease have a good effect.

Cordyceps sinensis is a Chinese medicine, but its efficacy is very common, even attending a kidney deficiency cough asthma, only as an adjunct to, and less sputum or no sputum can be used. Not imaginary, as are extremely effective for various types of cancer, even in order to increase the physical fitness of cancer patients, but also respond to disease benefit, not chaos fill can not be seen as a life-saving straw and delay in cancer patients formal scientific treatment. Taking the direct milling of natural Cordyceps sinensis is very health, because the surface of the excavation to the natural Cordyceps sinensis has a lot of microbial spores and parasite eggs directly eat detrimental to human health, it should be sparkling wine, soup, boil water take it. Need to accumulate a certain amount of Cordyceps effective, so drink one or two weeks is of no use, generally at least insist on taking 1-2 months. Cordyceps is a tonic, hypertension, high cholesterol patients not suitable for taking the health of young people did not need to use.
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