Summer health tips

June 09 [Sat], 2012, 11:55
Summer weather is hot, dry climate and short day and night, the China traditional Chinese medicine, summer belong to the element fire, the corresponding organs of the "heart". Chinese experts believe that the summer health focuses on raising the "heart". Chinese medicine stresses the "heart" refers to the entire nervous system, including heart, and psychological-spiritual factors. So, the summer health care with attention to what?

A summer dehydration, drink plenty of water

Drank too little water, and warm water is better, drink 78 cups of water a day. The body to keep the water and add moisture, water in the human body plays a vital for maintaining the body's normal physiological function. Water is an important part of the essential human, organ, muscle, blood, hair, bones, teeth contains water, summer water loss will be more, if not timely replenishment will seriously affect the health, easy to make dry skin, wrinkles to accelerate aging. The addition of mineral water, cold tea, milk, apple juice is an ideal thirst-quenching drinks.

2, seasonal living

Summer are advised to stay up late to get up early, take a nap at noon as possible. Can not remember the shade of the corridor, under the eaves or vents sedentary, lying for a long, long sleep. Even more inappropriate for a long time with the fans, due to daylight saving heat, steam, the sweat of a large vent, the pores open and vulnerable to cold invasion blowing too long may cause headache, muscle strain, facial paralysis, or muscle aches.
Bitter foods containing alkaloids with the summer heat heat, promote blood circulation, relaxation of blood vessels and other pharmacological effects. The hot days proper eating bitter foods, not only a pure heart Chufan, refreshing refreshing, and can increase appetite, spleen and stomach. Gourd: whichever immature tender fruits, vegetables, mature fruit flesh can be eaten raw, can Rouchao either salad, broiled fish, clear tender and tasty, unique flavor. The bitter gourd has increased the appetite, aid digestion, evil in addition to the heat, the solution of fatigue, pure heart and eyesight role. In addition, the bitter herbs, tea, coffee and bitter foods can also be used as appropriate. It should be noted that the consumption of bitter foods should not be excessive, it may cause nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.