The common measures to prevent children with cerebral palsy

May 14 [Mon], 2012, 20:25
Children with cerebral palsy cerebral palsy referred to, refers to children for various reasons (such as infection, bleeding, trauma, etc.) caused by brain parenchymal damage appeared non-progressive motor dysfunction of the central and the development of paralysis disease. Accompanied by severe mental retardation. Epilepsy, convulsion, and visual, auditory, language dysfunction, such as performance.

The incidence of cerebral palsy gradually increased, but believe that this disease is not very many of the patients with cerebral palsy understand. Cerebral palsy is harmful to the child a disease, a clear understanding of the prevention of cerebral palsy prevention measures can help you better cerebral palsy.

Rid of bad habits such as smoking, drinking, abuse of narcotic drugs, tranquilizers and other drugs. So these are to some extent, cause the occurrence of cerebral palsy. The prevention of influenza, rubella and other viral infections, no contact with cats, dogs, etc. This is also in the prevention of cerebral palsy should pay attention to the point.

When the fetus is born, that is, the delivery process. Delivery caused by fetal asphyxia and intracranial hemorrhage is an important reason to cause cerebral palsy. Therefore, the prevention of children with cerebral palsy should be prevention of preterm birth, giving birth. Health care workers should carefully handle all aspects of good birth and do a good job of giving birth the fetus of the processing.

The above is how to prevent children with cerebral palsy explain, hope you can help. To the health of your child, experts suggest you pay more attention to your children grow, help the child to correct bad habits, and hope that your child can grow up healthily. Blessing that we can have a healthy body, I hope your health and longevity.