Pierced ears loss of health prone to cause facial paralysis

June 06 [Wed], 2012, 14:37
Perm hair, pierced ears, and the piece corset, fashion underwear, a lot of women in the pursuit of fashion wear. Dress properly, make women more beautiful, more healthy; If you dress properly, it may hurt or cause disease. Some fashion dress down for a long time, may give your health troubles.

1, pierced ears

Today, many of the fashion of young people are keen on pierced ears, and traditional pierced earlobe extended to the ear, ear canal cartilage over the place. Cheaper plans, most people would choose to go to the mall or roadside salon pierced ears. However, the risks resulting. Pierced ears pierce the skin, if the tool is unsanitary, it may be infected such as AIDS and hepatitis B. Holes in the ear, tragus, cartilage, can easily cause infection, will cause severe necrosis of cartilage, deformed ears atrophy, and even induce paralysis of the facial nerve.

2, perm hair

Dye your hair with no matter what kind of hair dye or products generally contain toxic aromatic chemicals, long-term adverse effects may have physical hematopoietic system. Pregnant women and may even lead to fetal malformations of the body, the light may lead to dermatitis, itching, skin irritation, ulcers,. For health, you should try to reduce the number of times of hair or no hair, natural is the most beautiful. Some people will have allergic reactions, the chemical solution used for coloring and perming may cause the rash spots, dizziness and other symptoms occur.

Moreover, both perm syrup or dyes, cleaning improper words are easily blocked hair follicles, causing hair loss occur the perm syrup and hair dye left in the scalp will cause direct harm to the scalp. Thus, perm, hair is not only damaging hair, but also easy to damage hair follicles, causing hair a lot of off, causing the hair loss occurred.

3, body sculpting underwear

Want to have a good body but not any time to go to the gym, fear of weight gain, but difficult to refuse food in front of, not the girl compatriots tend to have this trouble. So wearing body sculpting underwear to maintain a good figure. Taut body sculpting underwear to "tie" in the body, not only affects the normal blood circulation and sweat excretion would lead to genital moisture, bacterial growth. Especially girls long-term wear, not only impede the development, but also induced mammary gland hyperplasia or cysts and other diseases. Day 8 hours "body sculpting", resulting in the abdominal cavity in a hypoxic state, it will cause any damage.

4, Jinzhai bra

Women a day long wearing a tight and narrow bra, it will affect the breast and the surrounding blood circulation, so that toxic substances remain in the breast tissue may increase the risk of breast cancer.