How men to delay aging

June 06 [Wed], 2012, 14:34
Sexuality is a human instinct, sexuality can not be met, are harmful to people's physical and psychological. Moderately sex is healthy. Sex life can be the elimination of sexual tension, so that mental and physical pleasure, normal endocrine, immune function can be regulated and functioning properly, the metabolism of normal operation, so that people can get sick less, and thus health and longevity.

Therefore, we treat the sexual life, to maintain a scientific attitude can not be considered to the ascetic abstinence is the secret of longevity. Since each person's physique, character, habits, differences in the objective conditions do not expect the same degree of sexual life, generally based on the couple's feelings and to accept the ability to prevail, to not fatigue the next day for the degree. So, how men delay aging, the following look at the advice of experts:

Nutritionally balanced

Everyone's life to improve, and normally does not appear the problem of malnutrition, but many men will not eat, they eat too much delicacy, and thought that is nutrition, to the neglect of coarse grains, vegetable intake; booze binge, thinking that was the aphrodisiac, and counterproductive. To physical fitness, men should be appropriately increased more zinc seafood food and other benefit features food such as millet, lotus seeds, goat's milk, Yang Shen, black chicken, fish, sea cucumbers, leeks, walnuts, lamb, venison , shrimp, mussels, and so on.

Moderate exercise

Often participate in morning exercises and the elderly, the immune system was significantly higher than their peers, and slow the aging of tissues and organs. According to their own physical condition, adhere to moderate physical exercise, physical enhancement, sexual function recession delay. In addition, obese elderly people lose weight through exercise, but also conducive to the improvement of sexual function.
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