Early symptoms of male hyperthyroidism

June 06 [Wed], 2012, 14:32
According to the survey, the incidence of hyperthyroidism was an increasing trend, has become a high incidence of endocrine disease, a serious threat to people's health and life. Multiple hyperthyroidism in young women who are not uncommon, but the men with hyperthyroidism, then, men, early symptoms of hyperthyroidism, what does? With the introduction of the expert.

Hyperthyroidism is a systemic disease, and various systems of the body can be abnormal. Graves, for example, the characteristic symptoms of hyperthyroidism early. Summed up in the following areas:

Metabolism to increase and sympathetic highly excited about the performance. Patients often have more food, bulimia, weight loss, weakness, heat intolerance, sweating, moist skin, may also have fever, diarrhea, excitability, hyperactivity, insomnia, heart beat faster heart rate irregular, and in severe cardiac enlargement , and even heart failure.

Thyroid gland for varying degrees of diffuse symmetrical enlargement. Swelling extent and condition are not necessarily parallel, glands, blood vessels to dilate and blood flow faster, you can hear noise in the enlargement of the thyroid, or can touch the same breath as a cat quiver.

Ocular changes. Sympathetic overactivity can be expressed fission large eye, eyelid retraction, in the twinkling of an eye to reduce, showing the gaze of state or frightened expression. Some patients violations of the eye muscles, eye movements restricted, resulting in visual pairs of diplopia or eye conjunctiva, corneal edema, and can also rupture. Patients often have exophthalmos. Severe ocular lesions of optic nerve head and (or) of retinal edema, hemorrhage, optic nerve damage can cause vision loss and even blindness.
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