Summer Task List

May 18 [Fri], 2012, 7:22
It's that time of the year again, It's the...
The Summer Task List

This is the list that I want to complete by the end of the summer before I head off to College in Septemer.
So here I go...

Try different foods.
Take photos everyday.
Go on a camping trip with all my friends!
Blog everyday in the summer.
Buy the Cambridge Company Satchel I've wanted for months.
Get a tattoo.
Get a piercing.
Exercise everyday!
Get an amazing tan.
Meet new people, and become friends.
Go to the beach.
Travel somewhere new!
Get my Driver's License (June 18th!!)
Make a lot of money!
Become (somewhat) fluent in French.
Learn new make-up and hair techniques.
Make awesome drunk memories, is a must!
Go on a lot of roadtrips with friends!!
Make a summer mixtape/tracklist.
Buy more pairs of TOMS shoes.
Say "Yes" to everything for a day.
Go to a concert.
Make a picture collage at the end of summer.
Attempt playing a new sport.
Read/finish a book or books.
Learn how to BBQ.
Watch a movie marathon (of my favourite directors).
Put POST-IT notes with a positive message on them everywhere, for a day.
Get a new cellphone! (Andriod Samsung Galaxy S III)
Lay on the carhood and stargaze with someone.
Go kayaking.
Pay for a random stranger's coffee/drink/etc. (pay it forward)
Weigh less than 120lbs.
Get VIP at clubs, or a club for my birthday, etc.!!
Fall in love...?
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