As for Huang cement plant

April 11 [Thu], 2013, 10:34
The two figure appeared in the crowd, the two women, two women have a different style. The presence of these Huang cement plant workers, I recognize at a glance who is walking in the back. Development Zone on the ground, if you say you do not know who CHEN Jiao, then do not mix. CHEN Jiao as Kerry and director, which was truly a strong woman. Ka and Huang situation better, it is simply because Chen Jiao credit. Chen Jiao, Kerry and long decline. Make such a woman, willing to follow the woman behind from the moment, then shouted, they like the sun, the focus here. , All eyes are all cast shè to her face, revealing a stunning look. Yan Wang, especially the look in the eyes of the kind of greed is no secret. Her impressively three hundred and sixteenth chapter of flies hitting the wall, Sometimes shrilling, Sometimes moaning Don embroidered poetry! Embroidered Tang poetry and Chen Jiao is not come for no reason, and the reason why they appear here, completely as Su Mu they play in the car phone. The present state of affairs, Su Mu from the very beginning they have thought about how to breaking. He does not think that this is to be an accident, otherwise why hey did not have any, that happens in their own after taking office? Since it is him to give a gift, if so let Su Mu not too do not know the road to reciprocity. To play to accompany you to play a big,Coach Outlet Handbags! This also thanks to Don embroidered poem last night and did not leave, live in gold sè, brilliant, or she wants and Chen Jiao Li from, the idea is a problem. Accustomed to seeing stormy Tang embroidered poetry, even if the exposure to such an environment. Have not the slightest fear of fear mean, look, as always, calm. "You say you do not believe Magistrate Su??" Don embroidered poem first look on Yan Wang indifference asked. Yan Wang hard pharynx, mouth saliva, of temporary xìng the bottom of my heart kind of ** suppressed, but still no verbal silence. Even from the start accounting cheap. "Yes, I said you have evidence? Out that hey, you will not be Su County, three hundred and sixteenth chapter flies into a wall, Sometimes shrilling, Sometimes moaning child care? But please move your child care, visible Magistrate Su really is under the feet of the capital or you set a price at noon today, I ask you to dinner, we have a conversation. "the Yan Wang Xipixiaolian Road. Such riffraff like Yan Wang, Tang embroidered Poetry bottom of my heart kind of instinctive antipathy to hear his words. Mouth revealing a hint of cold radians. Evidence? Want proof?, I will give you the evidence! "Said Tang the embroidered poem they swept the audience," Maybe some of you should know me, I was one of the Giant Group Permanent Black Town tourist area project leader Don embroidered poetry ! Giant Group has reached a preliminary and Kerry and cannery Acquisition Agreement and decided to contract tomorrow and I think the strength of our giant group, you should not doubt that this is false. "Wow! These workers around around, hear the words of Don embroidered poem, make all the noise up. Like Don embroidered poem puts it, some of these people had worked for some time on the site of the tourist area of ​​Giant Group. Natural understanding of who Don embroidered poetry is. Giant group people casually investment will be hundreds of millions, want to buy Kerry and it is simply without any problems. Really if that's the case, it seems Magistrate Su said is true, we Huang cement plant was really acquired! This day and age is not the beginning of the reform of state-owned enterprises that would be. Many workers thought can not figure out, restructuring state-owned enterprises has become a trend. These workers understand not keep. And as long as people are able to work for them to become, As for Huang cement plant last name. They does not matter. Really? Appears to be true! Tang embroidered poetry, I've heard, is indeed a giant group sent in Black Town Chief Executive Officer. Mother, how Su Mu Black Town origin, presumably he placed under the Giant Group Bureau. No, you can not is so Renzai, need to find ways these muddy lake. "You say you Giant Group acquired acquired it? Why should we believe you?" Yan Wang loudly. "If I say this is really it." Chen Jiao stepped forward and crisp channel: "Yan Wang, do not misbehave, and quickly led you to go back this is true, I and Don assistant they talk about you do not believe in the words of assistant Don, how do thought I would lie to you not? "This is absolutely not! Chen Jiao Xing Chinese, she is the director of Kerry and how can we get this nonsense? "Who does not know that you have Kerry and out of the post of director, Giant Group and you talk about? Are you qualified to talk?" Cried Yan Wang did not give up. "I talk about what qualifications need to tell you know?" Chen Jiao the face sè sank cold channel. Yan Wang really kicking the nose, face a bully, dare to do such things. If you is not afraid of these things blow up, Chen Jiao how could so he and Yan Yue sè, even if is a his father Yan chūn, Chen Jiao are ideal we naturally do not want the Dali are they not Dali. "Slut!" Sure enough, Yan Wang hear Chen Jiao say such humiliating words, and then changed to face Yen sè a change, then eyes flashed a touch of grim ruthless sè. By now, Yan Wang know the cards. Has embroidered Tang poetry and Chen Jiao, those workers will certainly choose to remain silent. But they can stop there, but not Yan Wang. Finally save this board today, if you miss, after not even think to find this opportunity. Say until now, Yan Wang, but one thing not accomplishing. The Yan Yan chūn chūn not put out, wages wages did not want to hand. If so forget afterwards Su Mu is definitely where he will be charges of rioters arrested. True if Daddy is locked up in prison, it too is over. "Dear fellow workers, do not listen to them talk nonsense here, today we have trouble like this, and afterwards Su Mu we will definitely find trouble. Since the Shenbozi is dead, the the shrunken neck is dead, if they had a knife, let's not as good as the Su Mu to surround a sum of money, but also to groan keep the money to let the wife and kids, and finally was a man Come on, man to follow me on! the Su Su Mu magistrate today do not give we say, do not come up with the money, even if we can say, we can not believe that! "Yan Wang loudly encouraging. But unfortunately, Yan Wang, then shout snooze, those workers who did not move at his side. We step back out to each other, as one, all selected. Joke, you Yan Wang is what goods sè, we do not know? What you want to do, we do not know. If not to see through a trouble, in this discussion to the face of the statement, you really think you can let us come with you petition fails? Now people Magistrate Su have to say, the director Chen Jiao Chen also proved, there is a giant group Tang Assistant looked at in the next, you can also think of trouble. Trouble, willing naughty trouble yourself go, you want to die, we do not block. But want to let to accompany you die, you never expect, as early as possible to give up on this! The workers are always workers, their hearts are good. To have food to eat, who wants to make trouble. Let alone, or besiege imposing deputy magistrate. Whew! Su Mu hanging heart was quietly falling, the situation finally not expanded. Front of these workers still know the advance and retreat, the evidence finally come up with their own works. Thought of this, Su Mu fundus surging coldness, Qiao Xiang Yan Wang, snapped: "Yan Wang, you suspected siege national leading cadres, mob, Cong incite impact state zhèngfǔ organs, the deputy magistrate the identity announced, where you can not go, waiting to be taken away for review here! "Who dares?" Yan Wang grinning, heart cried crazy, Su Mu, you want me to die, I'll give You leave mark. "Ladies and gentlemen of the workers, on the right, to retain Su Mu, absolutely can not let him go!" Said Yan Wang began a few people around fetching backward, look at their posture, is clearly thinking about the spot to catch Su Mu to live. Su Mu face sank sè the hands outstretched either side of the Tang embroidered poem and Chen Jiao pulled the behind, snapped: "Duan Peng Yan hope I win! Du Lian, called Xu Bureau 'll be right over! Geming Lang, Development Zone police station? them how to now have failed to show up, they'll be right over to me! "Su Mu is really angry! A rogue like Yan Wang, dare to make such a frenzied things! Does he really think that here was his place, his word is no justice fails? Yan Wang Yan Wang, you want to make use of such things embarrass me, this idea I'm afraid to come true! As long as other workers do not move, your side with a few rogue bully, do not believe can reveal what wave to! Bang! DUAN Peng, but scouts origin. Almost at the hands of those security instantly, like a Jianban shè. Decisive Yang kick boxing, the Mei Yizhao each are the most agile. As long as it is to touch people, no one can have hands-on ability, have all been broken arm. The blink of an eye, Duan Peng Yan Wang side, a very clever garrote,Jordan SC 1, brazenly Yan Wang won! Almost at the same time, the harsh jǐng flute series sounded like. With vehicles jǐng car in front of the door of the CMC, a armed jǐng of police jumped down soon form on the right track formation. Everyone has heard of, as long as it is to make trouble, all I caught back. Anyone who dares to tamper with all uniforms to me on the spot. "Xu Zheng Cheng-channel. With the situation, Xu Zheng really move anger. Su Mu car surrounded on the inside, did not come out until now. True if what happened to his county bureau director to really sit down at the head. Since you thinking I step down,oakley sunglasses store, I still necessary and you kind? Finished! Finished! This is really finished! It was all over! The Yan Wang looked heard not far away jǐng car, looked at one by one the heavily armed jǐng police, in the eyes for the first time showing a terrified look. ! ! !
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