Believe you must be wondering, why would you like NFL football. 

2013年05月07日(火) 12時08分
Stephen Ross and his lapdog Mikey Dee can stop the games. They are asking for Corporate welfare. They have the money to invest in their stadium, they are just having a little hissy jerseys cheap

NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and NHL want to build a high class stadium/arena for them but want money from Taxpayers to help them pay for all the costs. Taxpayers still have to pay to see them play man what a ripp off.Cheap Indianapolis Colts Jerseys

I am a Dolphin fan since 67 that said, enough already Miami gave the Marlins all that money look what happened?Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys Its your business use your own money if I open a store will the government ,city, county or the USA please fund me and if it fails I can sell it off like the Marlins. Get real Ross its your team spend your own money take in your own jerseys free shipping Joe Robbie built this stadium and used his OWN money didn't ask for tax payers to help. Ross you make me sick sell and go far away. Clueless and classless that's Stevie Ross.